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Well, the 20% off code lured me in.  I'll be purchasing a pair of G&G St. James II in Vintage Cherry.  Seems like an excellent choice to join the G&G family!   I'm planning to go with a size 9 UK based upon my 10D Allen Edmonds 5 last sizing.  I've done some cursory searching of this thread and that seems to be the suggest sizing, but I'd appreciate any additional input.  
I think I'm going to give Luxire a shot.  Planning to send one of my custom shirts in for measurements.  Any suggested white fabrics I should consider?  Considering its my first shot with Luxire I don't want to break the bank, but would still like something decent.  
My first attempt will be a solid navy suit with a solid white shirt as well. Simple background to allow the tie to shine.
Received my shipping notice late last night/early this AM for my most recent order.  Went with Macclesfield #84, a Navy and Powder Houndstooth, a Navy fina, and a the Powder Blue stripe on midnight grenadine!  This brings my total of Hobers up to 7.  I'm already thinking about a seven fold grenadine and some diamond weaves for my next order...
What color are you considering? May have interest in a navy shell.
I think it will as well.  I'm fairly certain I'll be ordering a navy blazer with MOP buttons in the near future, but I'd like to see how my latest KW suit turns out.  I made a couple of small changes from my first suit that I ordered through Kent.  Tomorrow is four weeks from my order date, but I haven't received a shipping notice yet....
Anyone ordered a suit or sport coat with smoked mother of pearl buttons?  Considering going with them for an upcoming navy sport coat I'm ordering.
I was thinking the exact same thing this morning! I definitely think a KW label should be included.
Well, in an odd twist of fate...the navy shell double monk didn't fit so I ended up with the burgundy shell double monk from Epaulet.  However, seeing the navy shell in person sold me.  Any recommendations on a merchant for the navy shell double monks or will I be forced to go MTO?
The ability to choose widths is the exact reason that I went with HP hangers.  I have wide shoulders so the ability to choose the proper width is a necessity.  I've also just had excellent service from Kirby.  He's been quick to respond to my (numerous) questions and the shipping has been really quick.  My vote would be to buy hangers from Hanger Project!
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