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Is there a waitlist for the Shanklin?
Agreed.  I should use that as an excuse to order fewer shoes from Skoak...instead, I'm looking into getting another CC.   Anyone have any CC suggestions?  Good rewards, no foreign transaction fee, etc.  I'm generally happy with my Discover card, but we'll probably be doing more traveling over the next few years.
I don't believe you can change conversion options for a Discover card on PayPal, but the option to have your CC handle the conversion via the Settings/Payment Settings/Preapproved Payments/Set Available Funding Sources.  A conversion options link should be beside each of the cards that you can modify the conversion options.
Haven't even gotten my first pair of EG, but I've already caught the fever!  Jumped on the DOAK Galway over the weekend and just put in an order for the Westminster.  Seems to be a lot of similar stories in this thread recently.  Thanks, Skoak!
  Thanks for the advice!  Order placed.  Looking forward to joining the EG crowd.
I'm planning to place a pre-order for the EG Galway, but I wanted to solicit some sizing advice before placing the order.  This will be my first EG, but I do have a few pairs of G&G.  I wear a UK 9.5E in G&G MH71 and DG70.  The MH71 is ever so slightly long and the DG70 length seems good, but the toe box is slightly tight.  Gabriel recommended I stick with a 9.5E in the 82 last or go up a size if I prefer extra room for thick socks or insoles. Considering I don't generally...
I'm seeing the same prices I've always seen for the Wigmores...has the promo been running for quite a while?
Just wanted to post about my good experience with David. I originally ordered a single MTM suit during his sale, but I had such a positive experience that I called a couple days later and ordered a second suit! I'll definitely post pictures and thoughts after receiving the suits.
Received my Vintage Cherry St. James II from Nick at Bespoke from the sale. I got them a lot quicker than I anticipated since they were already out of stock when I ordered.  I was honestly blown away with the quality.  Let's just say I'll be placing another order with Nick in the near future.  I'm thinking of picking up the Vintage Rioja Canterbury.  
Thoughts on a navy shell balmoral boot MTO?
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