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Is this a standard bespoke or Top Maker?
I'm looking for some assistance diagnosing the issues with my most recent MTM trouser purchase.  I have a couple of fit issues that seem to regularly cause issues with my MTM fits:  prominent butt, prominent thighs, and bowed legs.  Hopefully these pictures are clear enough to elicit some advice for future MTM purchases as well as getting these cleaned up by my local tailor.  Thanks in advance!        
I think we may have placed a nearly identical order.  Great minds think alike!
A little sizing much adjustment do the side tabs allow?
Thoughts on the Skoak shoe trees for G&G shoes (DG70 last if it really matters)?
I went pretty simple and bought the Rothschild. I already have one pair of blue loafers...
I just ordered more EGs to try and stem the impatience.  It hasn't worked.
Don't go!!!
My credit card wishes I hadn't ventured over to Bespoke England's Facebook page...
From my searching of this thread, it seems that most take the same size on the 184 last.  I just received my Westminsters on the 888 last in size UK 9.5E last week and they fit pretty well.  They might be ever so slightly long, but the width seems pretty good. I'm comfortably in the middle hole for all buckles.  I'm thinking I'll probably stick with a UK 9.5E for my upcoming order of a Piccadilly on the 184 last, but wanted to solicit advice from the forum.  Any thoughts?
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