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 Thanks! Very informative answer.
 Why wouldn't you shorten the arms at the shoulder? That way you can keep all the buttons as they are.
Bought a linen Havana suit and was disappointed to find that the trouser lining / half-lining (or whatever it is called when it covers the front of the thigh down to or just above the knee) is polyester. The rest of the insides of the trousers (pockets etc.) feel like they could be cotton or a cotton blend, but the wash tag only says that the lining is 100% polyester.   I'll need to ask the tailor how difficult it is to have the lining removed or replaced. A polyester...
 Does it make any difference?
It seems that most of the regimental and club ties are designed on heraldic or vexillological principles: bright colours and sharp contrasts. Subtle combinations and muted colours should mostly be safe to wear without risk of misunderstanding.
I would vote for anybody who could make a successful interpretation/impersonation of Rauschenberg's "Monogram".
However awful it may appear from a "SF-approved" point of view (and good taste in general) to add black to this mix, that's what you need to do to actually mimic the look of the painting (and Mondrian's style). Black socks and belt, perhaps.
 Thanks. I am a bit skeptical about the lapels as well, but I think I'll need to try a Madison on to see what it looks and feels like.
 No idea about the comparison, sorry.
Have you tried SuitSupply? They have small sizes and some quite slim fits.
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