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God wants Noodles to get a suit from BnT in Seoul. This, at least, is  what an initiated reading of select Bible passages suggests.   (It is based on the numerical relationship between every 23rd Hebrew letter in the Book of Jeremiah and every 145th letter in the Book of Leviticus divided by the sum of the numerical values of the Greek letters in the Septuagint translation of some other Biblical passages. It is a highly esoteric exegesis and I am actually forbidden to...
 As others have said, the combination isn't great, but at this point in your life it doesn't matter all that much. The solution for the future is obvious: make more bow ties! I'm sure it will get quicker and easier for every one you make. There are some people around on StyleForum who started by making their own stuff at home and turned it into a successful business (the young couple behind Vanda in Singapore, for instance).
 Of course they need strollers. How else would they look decent at semi-formal daytime events?
 That made me think of this: 
 I am slightly disappointed with the non-herringbone-patterned floor in these pictures.
Are you a woman buying a gift for a man?
 The Emperor's New Socks.
 We (mankind) can transplant hearts and land things on comets, but we wouldn't be able to replicate an old loom once it starts to break down?
This is probably far too easy...  
 That fabric looks like he's been swimming in it. (Not inconceivable for a Bond film, but in this case I assume it's just the sheen of the material.)
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