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 I think it will be difficult for anyone else to tell from these pictures. You need to fold the trousers up to get a rough idea of what it would look like when they hang straight.
Those waistcoats with straight horizontal cuts combined with flat-front trousers can really look quite ridiculous:     It may actually look better IRL than it does on the model (as often appears to be the case with Suitsupply's clothes), but the cut seems to accentuate the width of the hips in a very unflattering way.
 Indeed. It was a general comment on the notion that pretend-belief in Santa is some dangerous form of child deception. As I remember it from my childhood and as I have understood it from the attitude of other children I have known later, most get it at an early age but continue to play along. Children probably sense that it is not something that the parents, other adults or older children take seriously and take their cue from that. Or maybe the parents I have known have...
Kids don't really believe in Santa Claus. They just pretend to believe in order to not disappoint the adults. As a child you have to live up to adult expectations of childish naïvety.    
 On real people, Suitsupply suits in appropriate sizes usually look better than they do on the models in the pictures.
Any shrinkage at all on the Suitsupply shirts?
 Chances are, I guess, that it may have been something that he did at one time with some specific jacket particularly resistant to the normal breaking-in process, then generalised by rumour as something Astaire always used to do. I have also heard stories of new land owners dragging their brand new Barbour jackets behind their brand new Land Rovers in an attempt to disguise their parvenu status. But then, that may not be true either...
That old story about Fred Astaire throwing his jackets against the wall to soften them up --- is this a good idea?
 Yup, absolutely terrible. Looks like a zootsuit or an overcoat, or like you were a five-year old boy trying on daddy's suit jacket.                                               Just kidding. I don't see how it being 15 mm (that's what 0.6 inches converts to, right?) longer than you expected could even be an issue. If you insist on it, I expect shortening by that amount shouldn't be much of a problem for a tailor. BTW, I'm sure somebody here will tell you not to use it as...
 In other words: when it was Drake's it was Drakes, but now that it is no longer Drake's, it's Drake's.
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