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 For a second or two I wondered why he had stuck masking tape all over his chest...
You need some therapy to rid you of your phobia against visible knots. Seriously.   Or just quit buying laced shoes. You could spend your life in monks, chelseas and loafers.
[[SPOILER]]   The men in those fashion plates from the 19th and early 20th centuries (including the ones by Fellowes et al. from the 1930s often cited in current "classic menswear" on-line discourse) always have tiny feet, so it must have been an aesthetic ideal for a quite lengthy period of time. 
 Thanks, that's interesting. I didn't know they had a Twitter account.
 How do you know this?
 Claghorn, could you explain in words why you like the third, striped tie in the unspoilered picture but not the other striped ties in the same picture?  
 What is a "silver sole"?
I'm sure I could think of something more useful, but just to be ridiculously decadent when I don't actually have to consider practicalities: a New & Lingwood silk dressing gown (£1850, and it is by far not their most expensive one)       or a Derek Rose silk pyjamas (£595, reduced from £700):  
 Why wouldn't you want a black tie? A black grenadine would give a bit of contrast to the suit (thanks to the texture), if that's what you are looking for.
Thanks for bumping. This was well worth reading. I just wish the missing images could be re-inserted.
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