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 Considering how much cheaper they are, they can hardly be made to the same specifications, can they? Or is it all mark-up?
Could it be washed and bleached to grey?
  Three out of four of The Small Faces buttoned-up in the mid-60s. (This is from part 1 of Oh You Pretty Things, a BBC series on pop music and fashion currently available on BBC iPlayer.)
There is also the pricey (€399) navy cashmere Havana, which looks nice, but is sold out in some sizes.   The US webshop has some products and sizes that are out-of-stock at the European site. (The cashmere Havana is even more expensive there, $699, which Google converts to 545 Euro!)
One looks darker than the other, but the exact shade of navy is difficult to discern from a picture. Texture seems very similar. If you have the cash available, why not order the other one so you can have a good look at both IRL and next to each other? Just return the one you like the least. Or keep both...
 You posted the same link twice. (Link has been corrected.)
Nothing about these shoes is extraordinary. It's just that when you want something with a particular combination of non-extraordinary features (type of lacing, colour, type of leather, sole), that particular combination may be difficult to find in the shops.   But if these particular shoes turn out to be impossible to find as ready-to-wear, you could easily have something nearly identical made-to-order by, say, Carmina, Bonafè or Crockett & Jones. And if you can scrape...
Something like:   http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-chocolate-u-wing     http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-chocolate-suede-chukka       http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-navy-suede-longwing     ...just to give some possibilities.
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