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Avoid Yorkshire Fabrics. Promises on consolidated shipping not honoured, and so freight ends up costing almost as much as the fabric. Numerous emails requesting resolution ignored for several weeks, eBay unable to resolve either.   British Fabrics, Royal Textiles and "Quality English Fabric by Harrisons" have always been fair to deal with on eBay in my experience. 
"Here more Jaime Gallo, Madrid untailor, the one who now lowers the image of the actual King of Spain (the young fella who was the Prince)"   Jaime Gallo died in November last year........................
I believe weavers call this a "broken twill".
 I would not recommend Yorkshire Fabric. I ordered several items at once after securing a quote from them for combined shipping. Paid through Paypal with the full freight cost, and awaited my Paypal rebate for the combined freight.......I received some of it but not all. Four emails to the vendor went unanswered until I kicked up a stink with eBay. End result was I paid double the quoted amount for freight, which almost exceeded the value of the cloth. Either demand a...
I think a brown tweed or flannel suit is great weekend wear and very chic. I would lose the pink socks though.......  
Hong Kong in December/January can be 6 degrees, 95% humidity and with Siberian gales blowing. You might only get a month or six weeks a year out of your tweed jacket, but if you like outdoor activity you will be thankful for it.
It is called a Russell Check.
Great find Fishball, what a riot of colour up close but so subtle from distance. A little like the old Reid and Taylor country twist suitings. I hope it makes up well for you.
I would like 3 metres of the C iteration.
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