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 It will collapse eventually with wear.  Probably not very quickly (on the order of a few years of regular wear) if you store them with shoe trees.  I personally like the aesthetic of the collapsed, unstructured toe though.
As I mentioned over PMs, I would be in as well.
 You've never seen roughout leather boots before?
 I imagine that it will happen to all unstructured toes eventually, regardless of the type of leather, provided that it's worn sufficiently.  Shell just happens to be thinner than most of the cowhides they use for their boots.  Notice how their calfskin boots were also partially structured as well, likely for the same reason.
 I wear the same size as you and size 7 for the 2030 fits perfect.
Totally agreed.  The 110 last looks pretty darn awful for small sizes, especially from above (see here for an example).  Looks blobby like the Alden Trubalance last or something. Not sure why people think roughout leather automatically implies workboot and wide last.  I have the boondocker on the 2030 last and it looks great
 Any chance of doing the Cabourn on the 2030 last?  Maybe we can take a vote?
I'm all for the copper task roughout w/ captoe on dainite, but I don't think that I would get it on the 110 last.  Just can't get over how wide it looks, especially in my size.  I'm in for the 2030 though
 Most of us know what size we are in other similarly shaped/sized lasts, so it's not that difficult to do.  If you have a question about what size to get, you could always just post here or e-mail viberg and somebody can help you figure that out.
 Eh, I have 2 viberg boots already on the 2030 last.  Yes, they are slightly too wide for my tastes, but everything else about them is perfect.  I was just saying that the 110 would be even wider.
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