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Subject: Are my AE soles ruined?   TLDR: Crackpot cobler in Germany glued half-soles onto my AEs instead of a full re-sole.  Is this something AE can eventually fix?   Back story: I have been living in Germany about a year now and needed to have my McCallisters re-soled.  Found a cobbler who I thought would do me good on the resole, I even talked to him about whether the cork needed replacing.  He deceptively looked at inside of the shoe (presumably to see whether it...
I am not sure that I understand the the lease amount.  Is this the fair value of the leased equipment at inception?  What is the amount in the third year?
I see a girl On the street who I want to ask out. What's my move?
Call me an idiot, but I was traveling in SE Asia in my almost-new blue Neumoks. Now in most cities, the advent of sidewalks, cabs and generally good urban planning (i.e., the existence of storm drains) have minimized the exposure of shoes to rain damage, if one acts quickly to inclement weather, changes shoes, etc. This is not the case in Phnom Penh, where, in a torrential downpour, I had to wade through up to 6 inches of water in my Neumoks to get from Airport to cab,...
My Meermin timeline, in case anyone is interested:   Item Ordered: 12153 – Dark Brown Calfskin Wingtip Note: This is from the classic line and is NOT MTM.    11/23/2012: Shoes Ordered 11/23/2012: Order Confirmation Email Received 11/27/2012: Invoice Received                   Invoice states that “As your order is ready to ship, we will send you a Pay pal payment request” 12/10/2012: Request for Payment Received       Payment request states that “your...
BUR, en route to OAK.
I'm glad they disclose the timing now. I received a confirmation email rather quickly, then about 3 weeks later an email requesting payment, although even at that point the email said it would be another 20-25 days before the shoes were ready for shipment.I am about 40 days into the process and the shoes have not shipped yet, but as others have said, it will be worth the wait.
Anyone else experiencing a very slow response rate on classic collection (non-custom) shoes?   I placed an order 3 weeks ago, was contacted a week later to say that the shoes were available and ready to ship, and that a PayPal invoice would be arriving shortly.  Have heard nothing since then (15 days), and Sandro has not responded to my email follow-up.     Not sure if this is a normal part of the "mañana mañana" business culture in Spain...   Thanks!
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