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And it's not like you had been on an airplane for 16 hours right before trying on the second pair, right? I have to imagine that in this world of uniquely made goods, some variability is inevitable. Makes returns kind of a bitch, though. And makes buying the next pair a bit of a nail-biter.
Hey Alex, the canvas pants are tight on my non-potato farmer calves, but not so much in the sail hemp. My calves are a bit on the slim side of average, and there is decent room left, maybe 1.5-2" of circumference, in the sail hemp pants, whereas I can feel the tightness in the canvas pants. Hope this helps. Oh, and ankle sneakers incoming. Psyched.   And @onijo84, the sail hemp is more linen-like, breathable. The canvas is more, well, canvas-like (tighter weave, stiffer).  
I have inquired about the low tops. Thank you, Mr. Enabler. They do look cool.Glad we're not the same size.  And while we're on the topic of amazing Layer-0 footwear: they're baaaack!!!  PN\P is again offering these truly incredible derbies, three years after the original run. I just can't say enough good things about them. Understated. Elegant. Beautiful color variations in the leather. Built like fucking tanks. Read about them in the blog. Then buy them.
Great pair, @uzairh! i just got mine. VERY comfortable; great fabric. I didn't ask the retailer, but do you know from where the fabric is sourced, by any chance?
Really cool, Alex! I almost picked up the red ones, but my footwear cup runneth over, and indeed it spilleth forth from its place of containment.
Doesn't defeat the purpose in terms of its durability; still just as tough. The reverse side is, as with other leathers, rougher (hence the term "rough-out"), and typically displays less of a shine than the "outside" side, so it presents a lower profile. My first pair of m_moriabc boots was regular shell, but the other two are reverse, because I like the older, rougher look of reverse shell. Take a look at Alessio's newest offering in reverse shell:   pretty fkn cool imo....
Man, those are the best! Awesome leather, great design. They look heavy-built, too. Apocalyptic-looking shit.
It was...the salmon mousse!   Alexander Fielden at Darklands. Pretty cool, actually.
Yov MaKe iT Sovnd So eaSy(Y?)!
Thanks, @eckblk. But seriously: "RvGGiNe?" That's just silly!
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