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Thanks, I will. The jacket is actually a1923, but hey, 6 of one... And if you need another Master Calendar, just stop by Timezone; probably one for sale there now!
And an equally stunning pick-up, sepp; compressor give it away? I fucking love that thing. The perfect watch of that genre, imho.
And the a1923 FW15-16 shell cordovan boot is rumored to be more of a green/black than straight black, which sounds awesome to me. But again, impossible to predict...
Right. A couple of pictures. Just love it. Already has loosened up a bit.
I know, man: fucking lame of me. One cannot continue to enjoy the nectar without producing some honey. I owe pictures of many boots and of recently arrived jacket, all of which I hope to deliver soon. Thank, you, too, for your input about leather jackets of this caliber. Apparently I'm way ahead of the curve: I can already breathe in mine. But it is a bit difficult to flex my arms. Hey! Here's one! A terrible shot of my a1923 kudu backzips (paired with hank-dyed Japanese...
And another thing... Tapping the group wisdom here. I (finally!) received the new a1923 oiled horse jacket from Holger (who really is just the best dude out there, period), and the thing is fucking amazing. It's a tight fit all around, which I gather is the preferred starting point, but I wonder if I can expect much, if any, stretch in the upper arms. This is my first "real" leather jacket, so experience of others would be appreciated. Also, I got size 56, so there's no...
Would love to see that pair of boots closest to the stool after a couple of years of wear. Not sure if they start out natural or if there is a bit more golden color there, but either way, kind of caught my eye. And one never knows how different the final color will look from the preproduction model (green spiral zip, anyone? Not bitter, though, I'm dealing, and they're darkening nicely). Those natural derbies are fantastic!
I know, I know. Just saw them and am planning to go "check them out" at Archive on Thursday. This just days after placing a custom order for Simone's upcoming shell cordovan boots for FW15-16. Oh, and that little issue of the oiled horse jacket...Your black ones look great, btw (again!). Hoping to pick up a pair this Spring.
Nice leather, but how is the fit on those boots? I bought a pair of PN boots in black kudu about three years ago, and was not that happy with them: weird footbed, and the unlined kudu leather was too unstructured for me (at that time). No comparison with the a1923 kudu backzip, which is a fucking tank of a boot (and is lined). But your post motivates me to try to dig those PNs out of whatever hole I tossed them in to see if they might be salvageable. And they do have some...
Gotcha. I love that look, and the leather on this jacket is gorgeous.Thanks again!
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