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Anyone else ever have a pair that they wore quite a bit for a while, then put away and kind of "forgot about?" Then when you find them again, it almost feels like you just got a new pair! That just happened to me with these:   Last time I wore them, I was helping a friend bust up his concrete walkway so he could replace it with stone. My 6 yo son was helping (with his little 3 lb sledge), and at one point he stopped lugging chunks of concrete long enough to say,...
I certainly haven't noticed you looking poor in any of your pics, Alex. Now feeling, well, "that's an entirely different thing altogether."
Right up there with "louche."
Daaaammmnn, Alex, those are absolutely beautiful. And Ima go out on a limb here and make the obvious comparison to everyone's new favorite, m_moriabc, cuz those puppies easily occupy the same rarefied space. I guess I have to get in touch with Marco again! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy wearing (and sniffing) them!
Are you referring to these?     I can't say I've treated these kindly at all, but they don't really seem to care. Looking better than they did when I got them from Vitamori, I think.
mmm, yeah...real nice. much better in person.
Thanks! Like I said, I really love the way they're aging; makes me want to wear them even more. I don't remember exactly how long the turn-around time was on them, but it wasn't heinous, maybe 3 months? Not CCP/IE level at all, which was very cool. I also asked if it was possible to get a pair of the brown shell cordovan ones made after they sold out, and those took longer, about 6 months. But I've found that the lag-time can work in one's favor: when something shows up,...
 Really nice, MZ! @sinnedk, when the previous iteration of these came out a few years ago, they were also low boots, which I didn't like. I loved the color so much though that I asked Marco if Alessio might be able to make a pair with a higher shaft, and Alessio was kind enough to oblige. I've been wearing the shit out of them (I mean, as much as i can with way too many pairs in rotation), and they don't look so green anymore, but that makes me love them more.I just...
 Mmmm, coupla nice little derbies ya got there, ATG. Well done indeed. However, while checking out the pnp blog I came across this rather provocative statement: "...anyone who appreciates leather will fall in love with the incredible scent of the sole." Oooh. Can't wear those. Gotta just sniff 'em. Wear 'em on your face more than on your feet. I hope your new m_moriabc derbies have the more modest, less olfactorially compelling soles (although I doubt it) so you'll...
Counting my boots/shoes is a task best suited to my partner, not to me.  Which ma+ bisons ya got? I have the moto pull-ons. Absolutely awesome for work or play.
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