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It's been said before, but I'll say it again: godDAMN Eton, that jacket is gorgeous (and your pictures show it better than pn\p's do, imo). It would be a perfect complement to my a1923 jacket that has the slightly upturned collar. More subtle and less "designer," but still amazingly beautiful. Now if only I could find one in size 56!Enjoy!
I know, man, the same thing happened with his "alga" spirals from last SS. The pre-arrival was a nice, dark green, and then the color of the boots that arrived was much lighter. I ended up keeping my pair because I liked the leather and the fit so much, so I darkened the color by treating them with some grey saphir conditioner + boot wax. And as for delivery times, yeah, don't set your watch by Simone. Regularly irregular, I would say. Still waiting for a pair of 15SS...
That works for me, brother. I just loved the color of your boots and went with it. I like a little less brown in it anyway, tbh.And yes, my color may vary...
Going for the 9-hole storm welt in that amazing brown-red that Uzairh showed us a few pages back. Not here yet. 
My experience with Simone's treatment of kudu is that it is indeed somewhat softer than other leathers, but not slouchy. His is more sturdy and upright. The leather in general tends to be naturally scarred, since I think it is all taken from the culling of Namibian kudu antelope that happens yearly (no, seriously!). I have his back-zips from a couple of seasons ago and they are probably my favorite of his boots I own (currently 5 pairs). I also had his kudu workbook from...
 Maybe Ed Gein was ahead of his time (<>). Worked for him.
Gotta agree, those new derbies are gorgeous. The depth of color is evident even on the computer screen. And yes, shell cordovan is an exceptional leather. It can (and should, IMO) be beaten up, given its (proven, to me) reputation for toughness. And don't forget the deer bone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfWb94_HQXI VERY excited to see what Simone does with his shell cordovan. Impossible to imagine it coming out shiny, right? Fit is tts. But better.
Tourists, yo.
Man, those are two fantastic pairs of boots. I wouldn't get rid of either pair. Ever.
 After two hard days' wear, I have to say, these boots are fantastic. The fit was great when they arrived, and has just gotten better with wear (total about 20 hours now): balanced, if that makes any sense, so that no part of the foot feels unaccounted for. They're very solid, but not clunky, and they sound great while walking on any surface (well, except for carpet). These are definitely a long-term investment in terms of time and wear, because they don't have the...
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