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Awesome pic of a very cool wallet(s)! Great to see the evolutionary triangle.
Awesome, man! SO glad you like them, and that they actually FIT! They are pretty amazing. At least I'll get to enjoy them vicariously (once you post some fit pics!). Glad I could be helpful.
Terrific! We'll get an email through which we can send the balance of the payment?
Ooooh...goddamn, brother! That boot is almost literally the brown sibling of mine! Beautiful! And extra-cool cuz of the history. Keep your cash for the next thing.
Cobbling together one's shit can be a formidable challenge. We all wish you our best in this endeavor. Paypal locked and loaded.
Yeah, maybe even tighter! I can fit into my ma+ horse biker jacket comfortably now, after a few wears to stretch it out (yours looks awesome on you, btw; I'm definitely in the "keep it" camp), but granted, it is a 56, which Holger felt would work (and, as usual, he was right!). No way I could fit into a single top Taichi makes. Ever. So it goes. Never tried any ma+ pants.
Size 8; I asked for whatever was closest to a Eur52. The waist was maybe 1.5 cm off, but the legs were extremely tight, and I don't have huge thighs or calves (average). In contrast, my L-0 pants fit slightly loose in the waist at size 52, with no problem in the thighs or calves (although calves definitely tighter, relatively speaking, than thighs). SO sad not to be able to wear these amazing pieces. 
 Um, well, I did just pick these up from everyone's favorite German seller. I had been pretty "blah" about a1923 recently (like many others, no doubt), but these got me right back on the bandwagon. These have a beautiful simplicity to them that really appeals to me. In fact, I haven't been able to stop wearing them long enough to get sole protectors put on them yet! Just some solid, full-grain, reverse horse in a really perfect grey color. No flash, no frills, just a great...
Well, sadly, the Taichi Murakami pants are just way to tight for me, so I have to send them back. Before I do, though, I thought I'd post a few little pics of some of the cooler aspects of them. The material is incredible, and the construction seems extremely solid. Enjoy   ^check the cool metal buttons on the fly.       ^this is some amazing stitching all around the waistband. Anyone have a name for it; is it a known process? I have no idea, but it sure does...
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