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Outstanding. Thanks for the detailed reply. Thank god I'm back to work this week; provides some distraction from waiting for the arrival of new boots (oh, and a means of acquiring them, yes). They do look perfect.
Ach! Your pictures and Eckblk's have forced me, forced me I tell you, to purchase these boots! May the fate of my family weigh heavy on you both.Meh, we'll be fine.And I like the way the heel looks on this pair, Eton. Just curious whether you walked much in them before the trip to the cobbler, and what sort of difference you found (if any) in how they felt afterward.Brings the FW a1923 haul up to four: grey horse sneakers, these SP1s, the alga spiral zips, and the red...
I personally like it when the thread spins off on a tangent that brings a bit more human texture in to it (as long as it gets back to the boots/shoes, of course). Psydle, good on you for being clear about your current interests; better than getting into a situation you don't really want and then reacting negatively against it. I used to feel similarly, then my little guy snuck his way into my life and I now can't imagine life without him. Values and priorities are very...
I've wondered, too. I'm a doc...
Wow. Real estate agents are notorious for their non-ingratiating ways!In his or her defense, though, at least this time the quality was legit.
I know. We don't even have the: "those look just like all the other ones"/"no way! look at this!" conversation around our house anymore. Now it's just a raised eyebrow and a shoulder shrug.Those CCP workbooks are gorgeous, btw. Probably a little nicer in pink, but pretty good in black.
I agree. I ordered a pair from PNP and was a bit surprised to see the lighter version in the box. However, being an older dad who is still exploring other colors (hats off to you other gents; hard fucking work, with sublime rewards), I went with them, and I am delighted to see that, even after just a few wears, they are darkening noticeably. They weren't quite as bright as the ones in the pictures above to begin with, and the complexity of the "color" is impressive. And...
 Thanks, but I would need a 45 if they run TTS as Brad says. Plenty of other great options out there, but these seem especially appealing from a quality-to-price ratio.
Now that I know there are no larger sizes in KKA, seeing these just hurts. They are beautiful. Unlined?
Holy shit, man, those are amazing! Great to have another brand over which to obsess. Does anyone have a favorite place to score KKA footwear?
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