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Thank you for the clarification, psydle. So many of these terms get tossed around in a half-assed way (cordovan, anyone?), but most are clearly defined with a little bit of research. I was trying to find the word to describe my reaction to your sheep picture. I love the picture, but to call it "cool," "awesome," "hilarious," etc. just didn't do it for me. Compelling, indeed. It just brushes ever-so-lightly against the issue of use of animals for human consumption, which...
Funny you say that, nicely. Same here. The irony is that I'm the spendy one, but she's the truly stylish one. Also, if, in my own search for a black CORS scarstitch jacket, I happen to come across a size 46, I'll let you know. Let ME know if you find one in size 56! [Were they even made that big?]
And a little something(s) for my wife...     She loves them both, of course. Never would buy them for herself, but she appreciates artisanal efforts and the aesthetic. Can't wait to see how they look well-worn. And the black ones are, in a nod to recent discussion here, vachetta leather. They seem really solid, not fragile at all, but as with everything else, only time will tell.
[[SPOILER]] Great pics, Eckblk, thanks. I would ​so buy a pair of those red kangaroo boots for my wife if I hadn't already bought a pair of those boots for her.
Yes, very comfortable! Mr. Altieri has included little pads on the inside of the footbeds for cushioning. Made from certain hairs of Tanner Stage 2 choirboys, I think (method of acquisition remains a trade secret, I'm afraid).[Or not. Apologies to the sensitive. Late. Wine.]
I agree. But I have little love for white boots in general; probably a personal failing, but I have come to accept it. I would make a trip over to Archive to check out those grey-green lace-up boots though. Well, except that I have two other pairs of a1923s on the way and another pair of m_morias (dark red reverse 9-hole storm welt. Ahhhhhhh); the latter does fit tts, btw. So. Maybe enough for now. Maybe. 
Oooh, very nice. Much more matte than the others. Since all he uses is shell, that does seem the likely conclusion. These make me wonder if I can change my order...
I have 6-8 weeks of waiting in front of me. At least I have that little black pair to pound on in the meantime.And I have pair of black bread-bags incoming, which should also look great with the red boots. Those cotton/linen ones look perfect for Seattle "summers."
 Wow, that color! I can't wait for my 9-hole storm welts to get here!Nice pants, too. The red looks really great with grey. Designer?
It's been said before, but I'll say it again: godDAMN Eton, that jacket is gorgeous (and your pictures show it better than pn\p's do, imo). It would be a perfect complement to my a1923 jacket that has the slightly upturned collar. More subtle and less "designer," but still amazingly beautiful. Now if only I could find one in size 56!Enjoy!
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