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Hey @sinnedk I've had a few pieces from TAD and they've all been really solid and well-made. I still have a merino wool hooded cardigan from about 6 years ago that is wearing like iron. Plus, local guys, cool to deal with. Show us what you find!
Lame pictures of incredible boots. They're dark brown, very dark, but with lots of subtle colorings underneath. Maurizio sent me a picture of them after the first painting and was kind enough to paint them a bit darker after I saw it. They're reverse shell, 9-hole, A_tre for anyone who cares.    
 I would agree with you about silver, but I've had this Geoffrey Young belt for a few years now that is rock solid, and I wear it almost every day. A definite outlier.    And 60 belts?! Damn! I don't have that many...anythings...
Gotcha, and thanks for the clarification. I was pretty sure you were speaking to more than cost, but that helps.  I guess sometimes people can surprise us. Just as one could not have predicted that Altieri would have come up with the m_moriabc concept and its amazing execution after C.Diem, neither can one tell where any of the other designers/makers we like today are going to end up tomorrow. To take Alessio again as an example: he seems to be growing in terms of design...
In terms of price, you can go whereverthefuck you want, right? But is that what we really want to be talking about, or is it more about the other aspects of these boots/shoes? As many have noted, there are other artisans who are creating amazing things. People are increasingly hyped about Layer-0, for example (with good reason, IMO), and other artisans are also making themselves known here for things other than just their dizzying prices. So what makes a pair of...
Hmmmmm!!!!!!!         Can't remember ever being this tempted by a pair of BBS footwear before, but these look pretty fucking badass. I'm assuming high-level build quality, but what do those who have owned them think? I'd appreciate any impressions, thanks!
Ha! I was thinking they might be his ice fishing or mountaineering model.
Ha! No, that is indeed sunlight. I had just gotten home and was sitting out on the back porch and shot a couple of quick pictures, with no attention paid to, well, anything. The color is consistently brownish-grey throughout, with little highlights here and there. They do seem really solid, and I keep thinking of different ways to wear them, so mine will be around for a while, too. I hope the wedding planning is going well!
They're amazing @Whirling, and as robust on the feet as they feel in the hand, at least in the experience I've had with my two pairs (soon to be 3!). You can't break them, and they just keep looking better with every wear. Also very comfortable even on long days. The most straightforward designs should not run you anywhere near $3K, and there are frequently pairs available second-hand at much more "affordable" prices. Check 'em out if you get a chance!
Well @AlexanderTG, you were right, these Layer-0 low-tops are awesome! I love the thickness of the full-grain horse, and the fit is perfect, very comfortable! Mine have some pretty cool texture, too. A great alternative to all the boots!  
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