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Gotta agree, those new derbies are gorgeous. The depth of color is evident even on the computer screen. And yes, shell cordovan is an exceptional leather. It can (and should, IMO) be beaten up, given its (proven, to me) reputation for toughness. And don't forget the deer bone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfWb94_HQXI VERY excited to see what Simone does with his shell cordovan. Impossible to imagine it coming out shiny, right? Fit is tts. But better.
Tourists, yo.
Man, those are two fantastic pairs of boots. I wouldn't get rid of either pair. Ever.
 After two hard days' wear, I have to say, these boots are fantastic. The fit was great when they arrived, and has just gotten better with wear (total about 20 hours now): balanced, if that makes any sense, so that no part of the foot feels unaccounted for. They're very solid, but not clunky, and they sound great while walking on any surface (well, except for carpet). These are definitely a long-term investment in terms of time and wear, because they don't have the...
One of each, zips and holes. Can't go wrong.Sounds a bit more salacious than I had intended, but you get the idea.
Very nice, Sinned. Serious heft to those. They look as badass as my kudu backzips; should last forever.   kmert: while it's unlikely that anyone is actually trying to decide whether to go with the m_moria boots or the Aldens, I did snap a pic that shows the difference in the lasts pretty well (again, Sinned, your post about the group-buy made my night; hilarious! "Can't Altieri do speed-laces just this once?!"). Enjoy, and best adventures with your pursuit of insane...
Agreed, after just a few days of shorter wear, but they were very comfortable right out of the box (an object to ponder in its own right). The footbed is slightly cupped or curved in a way that a1923 and ma+ are not (maybe vaguely reminiscent of Layer-0), which makes them feel really solid and stable (again, not that the "others" don't but it is a small significant thing). I'm going to pound out a 10-hour day in them tomorrow, so we'll see. My initial impulse is as Hendrix...
Dontcha kinda gotta cut them (I mean, "it")? Especially if I want to replace with the snazzier bi-colored lace (another non-mobius loop, and yes, I actually checked; I have problems) that came with them. It. I've already been looking around for a crimper and some little crimpable metal thingies. They should probably be at least copper or silver, so as not to offend the boots.
I don't think I'll be passing these along any time soon. Or at all. The fit is perfect. They're just begging for some abuse, with which I will oblige. A crazy indulgence, but as the seller rightly said to me, "These are 100-year boots."  Thanks to all for passing along the sickness, and for the continued enabling; things ya just can't find at home.
Sold me, as I mentioned previously. Sinned, I should know by Thursday or Friday whether the 44s might "float" your way. The m_moria boots seem to embody the best of Italian design with the best of construction (as Hendrix has pointed out, from his bespoke Red House), so I am very eager to see if that is true in the flesh. My other shell cordovan boots have been brick-shithouse-solid, but of somewhat boring design (Alden) or differently constructed (Layer-0). Don't get your...
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