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 Thanks, but I would need a 45 if they run TTS as Brad says. Plenty of other great options out there, but these seem especially appealing from a quality-to-price ratio.
Now that I know there are no larger sizes in KKA, seeing these just hurts. They are beautiful. Unlined?
Holy shit, man, those are amazing! Great to have another brand over which to obsess. Does anyone have a favorite place to score KKA footwear?
Wow, Brad, those boots are beautiful. They look serious and elegant at the same time. What kind of leather is it? Calf? Thanks!
Just received these from H. Lorenzo. They are, indeed, absolutely gorgeous. The leather is an interesting combination of soft and tough, and the lining is just butter-soft. The smell is amazing. I don't mind the "skin-flap" too much, esp since it is normally covered by pants. And the toe is not super-bulbous, but the slender shape of the rest of the boot makes it look a bit larger. Wears just fine in real life. Can't wait to see how they age.
Will those set off a metal detector at the airport? Don't want the TSA up in my boots.Very interesting; would love a better picture of the boots.Thanks!
Hi all, Just putting out feelers here for interest in a basically new pair of a1923 kudu ankle boots (SS14), purchased from HLorenzo a couple of months ago. Size is 45, which feels tts length-wise, but I have kind of a thin, narrow foot, and it just doesn't fit in the more commodious space of this boot, even with insoles. If people have ideas about a better fit for such a pair of long, skinny feet, I'd be happy to hear 'em (except for Guidi). In the meantime, let me know...
JesusGod make it stop...
 Eck,those oiled cavallos are the same as the ones H. Lorenzo has? If so, I got mine about two weeks ago. Immediately at the top of my list of favorites (with kudu back zips tied for first). The fit, the heft, the leather, the subtle play of that red under the grey-beige color; fantastic. Those black ones look quite amazing, too. Know if they're available in 45?Enjoy!
In some cultures/practices, it is expected that the student surpass the master...regardless of that, it remains our choice to buy what we like. And right now, for me, Simone's boots are looking fantastic. As are Alessio's (and who is his "Master?"). 
New Posts  All Forums: