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Glad to hear others fall into drunken rages, too. Until now it seemed like such a lonely place.And not that we have the whole story, but if that's the worst it gets, it ain't so bad. Not like you're beating on anyone or kicking your dog.
An interesting idea: the Time-Share boot!
Pretty much my experience, too. Quality seemed fine (I got the same ones @JayFS did), but the instep was funky for me, too. I also handled a pair of their fatto a mano boots, complete with hand-stitched GYW, and those were pretty damn nice, but at $1500, they should be. Too small, so I didn't get a chance to find out how they wear. I think they're still having a sale, so at a sub-$500 price they seem like a good buy compared to others in that price range (leather is MUCH...
yep, thems the ones. they're aging really well, too, although I think I owe them some conditioner. happy to post some pics.
I tend to agree. There is a big difference between the leather used in the two pairs of kudu boots I have from Simone and the one pair I got from Peter Nappi. Not the the Nappi ones were bad, but the leather was thinner and softer, a little more stretchy. The a1923 back-zips are fucking tanks.
Agreed. I would want to address that personally if that happened to a pair of shoes/boots I had made. Professional integrity dictates. How long have you had them?
Wow, I've had such a different experience with mine, sorry yours has been so brutal. Mine were pretty comfy right away, with a little stiffness, but now after wearing them a lot, they are really nicely broken in. I guess just keep stomping away! Good luck with them! And even though I have a pair to look at, it's always cool to see pictures.
Bald is beautiful (he says, caressing his smooth pate)! oh, and nice fits. would love to see some more stuff by your wife!
A quick comparison of the newest two pairs, the grey horse revers and black kudu. Weird light, but pretty representative pictures. The grey is a bit darker IRL.   Kudu is thick and a little stiff, but not impossibly so. They're both really comfortable right out of the box.
There is not a direct correlation between thickness and durability. Kangaroo is broadly reported to have the greatest tensile strength per unit area of all leathers commonly used, which is why it can be skived thinner. That thinness, though, does translate into some different wear patterns, as @sinnedk mentioned. I don't personally care for kangaroo, new or old, very much. I'd be interested to know, though, of all of the people here, who has had a pair of shoes/boots wear...
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