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Just got 'em. Wow. What an awesome pair of boots. The build is just so fucking solid. And the quality of the finishing is excellent, too. The color is definitely a bit more on the red end of the spectrum than I had expected, but I think it'll work just fine, and I'm sure it'll get darker with time. Looks like oiling them would really change the color, yes? This is the least expensive boot I have bought in years (blushes with embarrassment), but not in any way the cheapest....
Agreed, the sneakers are supercool. Easy to wear, very comfortable, and solid full-grain horse leather. What's not to like?
Huh? "Plenty?" What ARE you talking about?! I mean, I've got a few, sure, but hey, who doesn't? Okay, more than a few, but who doesn't? Okay, a lot, but, um, okay, I see your point. And I don't cycle through things very quickly, either, so they accumulate. It is becoming more important to choose wisely.
Or perhaps reading his bank account.
Yeah, seems like a definite improvement in quality. At least for now!
Oh, and these aren't too shabby, either.         
Very nice, @Jbravo! I just received the grey reverse ones from the same city, and now I'm lusting after the newly released black kudu leather workboot. I love me some kudu. And those look really solid. Maybe Simone has been re-born...
Received Invoice Part II, paid same, did little dance. 
@sinnedk I have both red and green, and I agree that the red are a bit over-the-top for some work environments (happily, not mine). The green ones, though, are dark enough that they don't attract much extra attention. Of course, I have seen some that were lighter green, so you would have to choose carefully. It's nice to have the choice on the rare day when you are bored with black boots. Or does that ever happen?
Thanks, Eck. 
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