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kind of silly to say that "it could do with a shave," but geez, really...and that thin sole and well, all the rest of it: yuck. Twelve bucks at the flea market under the freeway and someone will wear them ironically to an 80's-themed party.
And btw, this jacket is absolutely beautiful, as you already know. Keep leaning on this thing and it will just get better and better. Gorgeous!
That was my response, too, CG. Simone tends to focus on the leather and its treatment, and that's what appealed to me here, in addition to its (deceptive) simplicity. The oiled horse leather is really incredible, and the fit is spot-on. I don't know who this critical OJ fellow is, but I'd like to see pictures of his favorite leather jacket just to get some perspective.
Seriously?! Off the charts. The only place I can envision wearing those is after the apocalypse, killing zombies with Kurt Russell at your side."Nice boots. What's the leather?""Snake.""Yeah, what?"No, snake. Python.""Just Snake, thanks. But seriously, what's that leather?"Zombies approach. Mayhem ensues.
Thanks for the clarification. I worried that "human calf"=human baby. Could be popular among the motorcycle crowd. The one remaining foot is covered in the skin of its lost partner. Hardcore.
I don't know why I don't really look at this thread very much, but this is pretty fucking funny (and bonus! it's meant to be!). So much vitriol out there; nice to feel a different vibe. Oh, and here's the best leather jacket I've ever seen or worn or owned: a1923 in oiled horse leather. Fucking incredible.  
Love the red color, but the shape is not so appealing to me. How about these?
So wait: you bought those, and now you're actually going to wear those?Bad. Fucking. ASS.
m_moriabc workboots (soon-to-be incoming, danke)a1923 greenblack shell cordovan workboots (ordered; danke wieder) likely another pair of ma+ boots, cuz, damnguidi flip-flops? anyone?
Thanks, I will. The jacket is actually a1923, but hey, 6 of one... And if you need another Master Calendar, just stop by Timezone; probably one for sale there now!
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