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just curious: how many of these boots, from the makers you listed, do you own? and yes, seriously, I'm just curious, this is not a personal challenge of any kind. your answer might help me to better understand your perspective.
That's beautiful, man, thanks!   Guys, thanks a lot for the feedback! It was great to see such awesome and varied colors of donkey leather, and to hear your experiences with this leather. Hopefully I will soon be sporting a pair of these: 
Hey All, I'm thinking about picking up a pair of boots in donkey leather. Never had or handled it before, and I'm wondering what others' experiences are with it. Pictures are always deeply appreciated. Thanks!
Yep, Great guy. I knew I needed a vintage motorcycle-riding bespoke tailor to make stuff for me, but I never dreamed I would find him. And then I did. Life is funny that way.
But man, Rei does it pretty fucking well, too.
And then there's this. A bit more mainstream, but goddamn.  
Pictures my friend, pictures.
now they're definitely more compelling; thanks, Eck! although still appearing a bit long in the footbed, like Guidi, which doesn't work for me. how do they fit for all y'all?
Nope. Probably a personal flaw, but they're not that compelling to me. Not sure why yet, think I need to see some more real-life pictures. Maybe those who own the originals will start posting more now that these are popping up (yes: "hint, hint").
What the hell are you doing in this thread, anyway?!
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