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He. Makes them.
Ha! Was it 16 of them? He certainly had an efficient method of communication with his mother, but limited: thumps on the top of the skull would be difficult to generalize.Don't even get me started on Murakami, one of my all-time favorites. I hope you also some day meet that person who will open his/her ears for you; just don't go to the Dolphin Hotel together. And for pity's sake, stay away from the sheep! And now, back to the Wind-Up Seam Chronicle!
you mean at your bread bag? at your exposed shank?
Maurizio Altieri (m_moriabc).
Most excellent, @psydle! I've been casting about for a good, solid existential argument to justify these unjustifiable acquisitions for a while now, and after reading your post, I believe my search is finally over. I used to just mumble something about how even Beckett wrote almost fetishistically about his greatcoat and hat, but that was never good enough, not even close to good enough for her. But this thing of being your own walking theater, actor, playwright,...
Just stumbled on this thread, thought I'd play:   shell   and reverse shell
And she's okay marrying a guy who dresses better than she does? Cuz you know, some women...
Hey, congratulations on the engagement, Alex! Pondering the same move over here. Kind of have the "California" thing already: bought a house and have a son with my gf of 12+years, but still living in sin.  As much as possible, to be sure. I can't wait to see your wedding kit. Gonna HAVE to get some new m_moriabc's to commemorate that singular experience. Side-laces in black? Enjoy the beach!
 @anarch, any before-and-after pics? What's your method? Thanks!
Damn, man, those are verrrry nice. Size 9 is like 44, generally speaking? Lemme know, those don't work out for you. I'll drive to you. WITH a bottle of whiskey.
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