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No Way? The one next to the Wine Mine?! If so, then it is a small world indeed.
Thanks, brother, interesting idea. I'm now thinking about trying something like this before I ship the spiral zips off somewhere. The matte, oily quality of the leather is part of what I like so much, and I fear I would lose that with just a straight dye-job. Maybe I could mix some Montana Pitch-Blend with black Saphir and get a similar result. Even if they look terrible, it's probably nothing Raul can't fix! I used to be scared to fuck with a pair of ~$2K boots, scared...
[[SPOILER]] Thanks a lot, @eckblk and @sinnedk for the reminders! I find i'm really loving the leather of the 'swamp green" a1923 spiral zips I have, but the color has not sufficiently endeared itself to me, so I'm going to blacken them up a bit.cheers!
Hi All, Too tired and disorganized to look back through all the pages right now, but I am hoping some kind soul(sole?) can remind me where to get one's baller boots dyed. I seem to remember that there is a great place in California, but that's the best I can do at the moment.  Thank you for the help!
Shit, brother, I'm so sorry we didn't talk earlier! I love love LOVE your ideas, but unfortunately, I already ate the bitch's (accurately literal, or literally accurate, take your pick) internal organs, cracked the bones and made marrow soup, and then, well, you know... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XczJqembVto I'll keep an eye out in the neighborhood, though, and let you know if anything promising "turns up."happy hunting!
Sblood, I'd better get moving! Although if you do scoop me on it, well, you know, I mean, our dog just died, so I guess the DIY route is also open to me...
Why the fuck not, psydle? If I have to start thinking that you are losing track of the erratic, thready pulse of your baller boot brethren, well, honestly, I'm not sure how I can even get up and go to work tomorrow. In fact, I may not, thanks to you.
I agree, sinned. To clarify, I was referring more to my curiosity about Simone's treatment of shell cordovan than a bona fide "distressing" treatment. The latter would be unnecessary but the former, I think, could be interesting in a different way. My interest in footwear in this thread has to do with the personal interpretations and expressions of the leather that these particular designers bring to their process, as opposed to the Aldens and Trickers (etc) of the world...
Order placed months ago; ETA months from now. Standard Simone. And it remains to be seen how m_moria-like it is; hoping for the grittier aesthetic. How, might you ask, does one produce a "gritty" shell cordovan boot? Beats hell out of me, but I sure am interested to find out.
mmm...maker's mark...
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