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I hear you, and that has definitely been my experience, too, which is why I have stuck mostly to boots and some pants. I guess I just keep hoping, hoping, hoping... Maybe this is the next niche market, though, espcially the way women's fashion is trending toward more inclusivity of different body types. And maybe Mr. Poell would be the first to say, "Hmmm, you are disturbing large and horribly proprotioned, but when I think of some of the beautiful monstrosities with...
The idea of a "bro-ish upper body" cracks me up, um, bro. Does that mean...?well, honestly, I don't know what it means. But it still sounds funny. But seriously, what does it mean? Meaty? Sleek and supple, perfect for unauthorized nocturnal penetrations?For me, I've got broader shoulders to start, and then they have some meat on them, and then the arms have meat, and well, there's just this meat everywhere. I can't believe my partner is mostly vegetarian.
They sure do so grand(iose).
Ha! Yeah, I'm a white Shaq! But you know, not quite. Or not even close. I'm 6'1", 200 lbs, about 12% body fat (which I only know because my personal trainer-friend made me do the whole thing before we started working out together). I wear size 44 boots and size 52 pants, and then this freakish thing happens up top where my shoulders and arms need, well, a lot of room to breathe. A decent set of specs in some regards, but a bitch to fit. Especially into these clothes, to...
Thanks, but the way I do the math (which admittedly may be wrong; please correct as appropriate), six sizes up from a 46 would be a 58, not a 52. Are the sizes not in increments of 2? And yes, I am aware, painfully so, that most of these treasures are not regularly made in such a size, which is why I have contacted the very people you reference to see if such a "Gulliverian" jacket can be made in the land of Lilliput.
HA! Funniest (and most liberating) post I've read on SF in a long time!Through meticulous calculations involving time, money, my age, heart-rate, blood pressure, peak and trough cortisol and adrenaline levels (averaged over several months across different seasons at different latitudes), and general tolerance for complete bullshit, I've concluded that I have the patience to achieve 25.73% coolness (I can't EVEN describe the algorithm I used for determining optimal...
 Beautiful! Now I just need one six sizes larger!
Not buried in bison, with .925 silver buckles chiming from within?
Yes, @eckblk, it does appear to make a huge difference. Sadly, rubber will happen. 
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