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Same, I saw it late last night when the fabrics were first posted, but slept on it and it's gone. Very tempting though, hope a new batch rolls around again soon!
For those that have made a purchase in person, any way to pick up the BOW points?
Finally got my Duck Canvas Caramel's hemmed and the waist taken out just a bit! Ordered the 34" and had the waist taken out an inch to be more comfortable tucking shirts in. Did a warm soak to get the shrink out of the inseam, didn't shrink much and took 6" off (I'm 5'10" but have really short legs). Right at 29.5" inseam. Almost considered tapering a bit, but would have only wanted them tapered a half in at absolute most, so didn't think it was worth it.   Very...
My Caramel Duck Canvas Rivets came in today and fit and fabric is exactly what I was hoping for. I'm a little concerned about the color...like I mentioned, I wear blue jeans almost exclusively and want to incorporate chinos into my wardrobe. I know a lot of you mentioned caramel being one of your favorite colors as it was so versatile, am I just a newbie who doesn't know complementary colors? Really want to shy away from the traditional khaki color. Maybe it's because...
  Had two items in my cart about to check out, both now claiming OOS. (One still has my size listed on the site but stock goes to zero when I hit check-out)   Damn. It looked like they actually added back some sizes on some items I had been watching.
Just an update and another endorsement for Jay and Blue Owl...   Jay got back to me about stopping by the shop and I was able to swing by yesterday. Great space with piles of denim all over (neatly and appropriately organized of course)   With as much as I've read up on denim, I have very little first hand experience with it and Jay was great in recommending material, fit, fades, you name it. Left with a pair of Naked & Famous Weird Guy's in LHT (chain-stitch...
Thanks for the code! I just happened to be reading the other thread and saw the suggestion. Your promo code finished off the impulse buy. 12-pack in gray on it's way to me. Thanks again.
Just spent a good chunk of time reading through the thread and made my first purchase! Rivet Chino in Duck Canvas Caramel.   Been trying to "class up" my wardrobe just a smidge. I literally wear denim every day.   The no refund policy scared me a bit, but after meticulously measuring every pair of pants that I own, I think I'll be okay with size 34. And it looks like the waist can be let out even slightly as well, so feeling okay. The rise seems perfect.   If...
  Good to know, thanks. I emailed him at the showroom@blueowl.us address to see if I could stop by. I've done all my measurements and now just want to get a feel for the different fabrics, get an expert opinion on fit firsthand and get a sense of how they will stretch/shrink/fade.   Understand he's busy and I'm not in a terrible rush. Would rather wait to ensure I get it right on the first try.
I messaged him on SF a week ago and then dropped him an email instead since that's probably more convenient but no answer for me either. Sure he's just super busy.   Do you guys know if he still opens up his showroom to appointments? I live a mile away and after some unsuccessful attempts at buying denim online, was just hoping to find the perfect pair.
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