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Really excited to see the gingham option!   Any idea of when a Gunmetal Rivet restock will happen soon? Need the 34 to come back...   And finally. Can someone tell me which pants these are? Are they the Brushed Heavyweight Taupe?      
How much time can you guys save from not having to undo your belt and top button? Have you guys not perfected the one-handed pull to unbutton the entire fly? That in itself will make up for any time you guys need to individually unbutton 3 or 4 buttons and pull your dicks out.   Size 33 Weird Guys here in Left Hand Twill. Waist was tight but could button the top. Waist has stretched out a bit and I wish they sat just a bit higher on me.  That being said, I do like...
I, too, am curious.   Is the steamer than a full on substitute for ironing?   Would very much prefer this to my piss-poor ironing skills.
Mike, you rock. Ordered the red pindot flannel Friday night and it's on my doorstep in Seattle when I get home today. This is my first Epaulet shirt purchase and I was a little concerned about the slimming fit of the EP line. Ordered the large and it's nowhere near as slim as I thought it'd be. A regular fit J Crew medium fits well everywhere but the neck, while a slim J Crew medium is too snug on my belly. The EP large is a nice middle ground (with a perfect neck BTW)....
For reference, I wear an 11 in Nike, 10.5 in Converse and Sperry, 11 in Clarks DB (although I should wear a 10.5), 11 in Cole Haan and a 10.5 in 1K's. Everything other than 1K's are with regular socks. I wear midweight wool socks with 1K's. I initially bought 10D in the 1K's but they were too tight, even with thin socks. On another note, the 10.5D Alden Indy in True Balance felt significantly narrower and smaller than the 10.5D 1K.
No!! Missed the white dot large! Blast.Edit: Couldn't resist, just bought the red dot instead.My first EP shirt! Hope it's not too slim. I guess it's just incentive to bring in my belly!
I've mentioned it before, but I've used that exact bag in tan on a 10 day trip through Italy as well as many extended weekend trips. I've since given the bag to my sister as her go-to weekend bag and have been looking for the small duffle (same size as the oil finish) on sale.   It's a great piece. What really helped me in a pinch during my Italy trip was when I could only have one carry-on with EasyJet (had my backpack as well) I had to stuff my backpack full of my...
Hey Mike,   I know you guys have the duck canvas in navy in the Walt cut, but any chances of it ever being used on the Rivet chino? Love the toughness of my caramel ducks and the fit and rise of the Rivet is exactly what I was looking for.   On another note, I was looking to pick up Oboy's Purple Herringbone shirt but just based on measurements, I think I'm right inbetween an L and an XL in the Epaulet shirt line. For reference, a medium in the regular fit of J....
I wear a 10.5D 1K and tried on the Alden Indy at JCrew (TruBalance) in 10.5 and it felt too narrow for me.
I absolutely love these. Really want to snag them but haven't dropped $500 on shoes ever(my Wolverine 1Ks are the closest) so I'm a bit hesitant.How is the last compared to TruBalance? I've only tried TB 10.5D Indy's and they felt just a bit snug with my wool socks.
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