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Hah, I was pretty bored this weekend and watched the Steve Martin/Owen WIlson/Jack Black movie, "The Big Year" and Steve Martin was shown in numerous scenes with an otter green Sportsman bag.
  Wow, that's a great color you got out of Rust. Will have to try your method on my own Rust 1Ks as I'm loving the sheen you have.
Dang, on the fence. Been wanting to replace my oil cloth small duffle I gave to my sister but wanted the twill in otter, not the wool...such a good price though...
  One of my favorite shops. Authentic is the only word in their vocabulary and stopping by their shop is like stepping into a time capsule. Not trying to sound like a sales rep, but for those with even the slightest interest in baseball history, you'll be wowed by the amount of knowledge these guys have. And in a bit of Hollywood news, these guys were responsible for the uniforms and caps of all the minor league teams in the movie, "42". Great stuff!
  Wow, that's a really cool piece. I would have absolutely jumped on that. Knowing Filson though, for practical uses, it may not be the best cycling pack for commuting. But it'd still be a nice classy backpack to use. Not a huge fan of the rucksack. Bummer it was gone when you went back up. I've been meaning to get up there from Seattle, but keep putting it off. Seems like they always have a good chunk of product.
  I'm 5'10"/195lbs (have gained about 15 lbs in the last 6 months...) and I wear a large. I have slightly longer arms and a long torso. It fits great on me. I'll try and snap a picture sometime soon, but I wear it with flannels/oxfords/sweaters and I have just the right amount of room for it. I could wear it with a T-shirt but I feel like it may be a touch loose for that. If I wanted to exclusively wear it with a t-shirt, I'm sure a medium would work for me, but I...
Great deal on some apparel. No Medium in the westlake vest...which is a bummer. Hopefully being on the wait list helps me out! I know it's a bit sketchy...but considering getting a small and trying to exchange at the Filson shop here in Seattle...
Nice cap!
Damn that greencast looks amazing! Wish I had pulled the trigger, but was still unsure of my sizing. Is it possible to get non-darted shirts on future FF shirt fabrics?
Really excited to see the gingham option!   Any idea of when a Gunmetal Rivet restock will happen soon? Need the 34 to come back...   And finally. Can someone tell me which pants these are? Are they the Brushed Heavyweight Taupe?      
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