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  Anybody know of a valid coupon code? Considering the Red Label green tote but shipping kind of kills it.
Onward Reserve order came in today! To fill out my $500 voucher, I purchased a tan 256 and now really questioning the otter green route I'm going...(already had a 257 and got the duffle and travel kit in the otter green too). Hope others were able to rake in on this deal too!   I also stopped by the Filson outlet in Burlington for the first time today. Decent selection of items and bags, but nothing worth picking up. They were having a decent sale on some items,...
Like someone mentioned, a lot more styles are up on Sierra Trading Post now. Thought about picking up the White Pines in Natural and some brown plain toe's for my girlfriend, but it looks like every single coupon code excludes Wolverine 1000 Mile's. Shame, but probably for the better. Though would have been nice to get a cheap pair for the lady who's not entirely into them.
Wow, looks like the small duffle bag jumped from $235 to $260, too. I remember earlier this year the small duffle was at $225 before the $10 bump.   The 257 went from $275 to $300. Travel Kit is now $95 from $90. Even the Travel Tray is $26 from $24.   Shame. Hopefully some of the third party retailers haven't updated their pricing yet and people can still grab a couple of deals. Onward Reserve still had the Small Duffle at $225 price point when I ordered.   On that note,...
Answered my own question. Called Onward Reserve and the lady said at worst, backordered items should ship in two weeks time.   Used the Visa offer on Gilt for the $500 credit (paid $200 because max discount is $50).   Purchased: Small Duffle - Otter Travel Kit - Otter Twill Travel Tray - Otter Briefcase - Tan   Total: $564   Paid $64 on top of the $200 for the voucher.   I'm obviously an Otter green guy and I already have a 257. As of lately...
  Product page says it's in stock, but checkout claims it is backordered. Anyone have experience with backordered products on Onward Reserve?
How do the Gitman's fit in regards to the Epaulet shirts? I wear an L in the Epaulet line but have the darts removed...should I go with an L in Gitman or a Medium? Sadly, the horizontal looks like it's OOS in medium...   Thanks!
For all of those that are trying to pick this up, download the iPhone or Android STP app for free shipping!   I literally have been staring at the submit button but can't do it. Already have my Otter Green 257. Wish I hit buy on the Red Label tote.
What were the two pair from J. Gilbert? I guess I should stop by their shop; I live in Seattle.   Worth trying for those Ravello's on eBay, then? I admit, they do look dark to me, but I haven't seen any Ravello in person.
  Good to know, I keep reading about folks still waiting for orders over a year old to get fulfilled. Don't think I have that kind of patience.     I did and they did look very attractive. But I do own some Wolverine 1Ks with a plain toe so hoping for something a little different to spice up my foot game.   I don't know if this is voodoo but I'm sure this has plenty of watchers already, but a pair of Ravello LWB in my size is up on the Bay. They appear to be in great...
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