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Who cares about that?  It's more fun to criticize others for perceived bad decisions. 
Precisely why I never ordered from them again.
I once ordered some Redwing boots from overseas.  When I opened the package the boots were mismatched style-wise. One boot was correct (cap toe with heel).  But the other boot was another style entirely (moc with wedge sole).  They were at least matched per color, size, and brand.  After fighting with the vendor for a couple of weeks (sending images etc.) they agreed to replace the wrong boot (not pair).  They wouldn't ship the replacement out until they received the wrong...
Not sure what size you got but this one is 35x28"
Yeah I didn't notice you were from Canada, and didn't realize how high non-US shipping is. But I see that if you buy 78 pairs then shipping is less than $1 per pair.
If you buy 3 pairs or more they are 12.71 at Sierra Trading Post. Use code MNN36578
Cultizm has a few Atelier de l'Armée on sale:
Yeah, send me the one-time use code and I will tell you where you could have put it if it hadn't already been used :)
Where do you live?  I could use some free stuff.
They must have forgotten. I am confident that your post will alert them to get off the dime :)
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