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  If you like Hugo Boss and are in a major city, then I think you should wait for their sample sale and grab their stuff at 50 - 70% off. The next one, however, is in the spring so idk if you can wait that long. 
  Peal & Co. are made by CJ.
Good quality leather shoes are extremely comfortable, something I failed to grasp until recently. At the price range you are looking at, the fit should be great and you should love the style. After all, you are the one paying $600+ for a pair of shoes.
  Hmm, pretty sure I went to high school with this guy...
They shouldn't be running free in that your toes can expand laterally to the maximum width, but they also shouldn't be extremely constricted. There should be little room for movement, even for shoes that get significantly more narrow at the tip. The extreme narrowness at the tip also shouldn't be a problem because your toes should not be there.   For the C&J, the wide width is too big in what way? Does the larger width at 7.5 make the shoes too loose and a little too...
Anyone in NY can repair this small hole left sleeve? My pants need to be rehemmed (it's too long) so there will be extra fabric to reweave the jacket:    
Did you try to get a wider width or is that not available for the shoes you tried on? They might not because alot of the European brands only come in D width.   The C&J salesman is right as the shoes will expand slightly, probably by 10% as you break them in (you could also use a shoe stretcher). Personally, I wouldn't bank on this because a pair of shoes that is too tight is extremely uncomfortable, and at times, painful. 
They are without tags, at least over 3 years old (with some 5-10 years old), and needed some serious dry cleaning. I'm not quite sure who they were made for considering how old they are and I have only been here for a year. I dropped them off in a big Brooks Brothers bag at the Salvation Army dropoff point on 46th during Aug so if you want to give it a shot, go for it.    Btw, sizes are huge. I'm 6'2 and wear 42R and they were way too big for me.
Sorry if I broke some kind of protocol. I got tons of time on my hand with my current job so I figured I might as well look through a bunch of thrift shops looking for hidden deals. I'm just surprised that people are able to find high end goods at thrift shops...but then again, my company did just donate a bunch of super 140 and 160 sample suits/sportcoats to the salvation army on 46th a few weeks ago.
Out of curiosity, where do you guys find these items in NYC? Goodwill?
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