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I think you are baleric on ebay (from what I gathered on your links), and if so, I'm definitely not referring to you. I remember seeing a bunch of JL 2nds on ebay from the same seller going for 700-1000. 
  Sure...I'm not seeing any old (5-10 years old) zegna suits that actually have bids on them.
hmm, this really makes me regret buying a 90/10 wool/cashmere overcoat I got at the hugo boss sample sale at $249...$500 is a pretty good deal for a 100% cashmere coat of solid construction but  I don't need a 3rd overcoat.   Well, thanks for the info!
Question to those at the forum. Are old Ermenegildo Zegna suits (super 120-150s) worth a flip on ebay?
  Hermes 100% fake and not even close. Hermes lines run 11 to 5 diagonally, not 9 to 3 horizontally. The tie stay is also wrong.
   Labels everything as "super rare?"
So cashmere overcoats are $500 now?
You are welcome. A note on the Loro Piana Super 150s, there might be more of them in there but I wear 40-41R depending on the cut so I only checked out 40-42. I consider a suit hanger to get wide at the shoulders to maintain the jacket shape. All of the normal Mahogany and Sterling were on this type of hangers. Both of the Loro Piana Super 150s were on hangers that run straight and never get wider at the shoulders. I believe all of the super 150s are on this type of...
I left by noon so things could have easily changed by now, considering how much stock was available. When I got there, ties were still $49 and when I left at noon, they were slashed to $19. Their suits are not selling well. Pretty much full rack of every size is available.   Overcoats were 30% off, with a cashmere overcoat running about $700-800 at checkout. If you want an overcoat, I suggest you go tomorrow to check it out because my gut is telling me they will get...
I just came back from the Hickey Freeman sample sale. The Mahogany line is full canvassed. The Sterling is half canvassed. Mahogany is the traditional cut and runs quite big. The Sterling is the slimmer line but I don't quite want to buy half canvassed suits right now.     Suit price has dropped to $499, ties at $19, shirts/sweaters (quite a few cashmere sweaters) at $49.   There are two pairs of Super 150 Mahogany there, 41S and 42S. I think at $499, they are...
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