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Excellent advice from everyone. I used to work in IB but really didn't get into shoes until I left IB, so I guess my need for black oxfords is pretty limited. I suppose the Mccallister in Burgundy it is.
Moneywellspent: your train of thought is why I went with the brown 5th avenue to get some color differentiation. I'm thinking black Mccallisters because the Mccallister in burgundy is similar to my fairfax in style and color, but Winston is right that black and brogues are a little contradictory. How would someone wear the black Mccallister? 
Suggestions on which of the following shoes I should get? I ordered from BB the AE fifth avenue and it's not quite right for me, so I'm going to exchange them.    From what I see from Brooks Brother's website, I have the following options:   AE Park in Black, Brown, Walnut. Strand in Black, Brown, Walnut (I already own the walnut). Mccallister in Black, Burgundy.       So far I have the following dress shoes (very limited collection, I know): A pair...
If anyone is looking for the following jacket in large, let me know:   I ordered it during the 70% off sale for $239.40, with $21.25 sales tax. The jacket arrived and is too big for me (medium would have been perfect). I'll let it go for $260 + shipping for those interested. If I get no response by end of the day, I'm going to...
Where is the first pair of shoes from? Are they Mantellassi?
Didn't mean to bring out an old debate. The strand looks great on me so I went to Brooks Brothers (I get a significant discount from them) and tried on a pair of 9.5EEE Fifth Ave in Walnut, looked great, and ordered a pair of brown (didn't have 9.5 in brown). The shoes arrived today and it looks rather awkward, a little too boxy, which wasn't helped much by the 5th avenue having a much wider cap than the park avenue. I think the shoes are also defective because the heel...
Are there any differences between the 5th ave and the park ave besides the cap being perforated? And does anyone feel that the fifth avenue's cap is way too close to the tip of the shoe?    And am I justified in thinking that the cap on the strand is further back when compared to the 5th ave?
  Are the items made by AE for other brands (RL in this case) of higher quality? None of AE's shoes retail close to the RL retail price, or is RL simply doing a higher markup than others would?
If you are in NYC, sample sales is a good way to go. 
  Maybe they are Bill Clinton's shoes!
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