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It's not quite a a rubber sole. If you go to AE's website and check out their combination tap sole, that's similar to what BB is offering.
  I had a friend who went to the Armani outlet in Woodbury Commons. Poly/wool blend fused suits were going for $1500. The outlet has been there since I first went there when I was in middle school back in the late someone must be buying.
Yes they are the same maker, which is why I opted for them knowing they will fit despite being fairly snug out of the box. The shoes stretch out quite a bit due to the leather being incredibly soft. I plan to put on some flushed metal taps on them because the leathers on the sole is much thinner than the English shoemakers, and I walk with a very pronounced toe pushoff.   From the heel of the shoe, it looks like it's made by Sutor Mantellassi but I can't get a...
They are opening one in Toronto.
From what I'm reading from this thread, these BB wingtips are Sutor Mantellassi, lower end line, correct?    
  Well, just came back from the BB store and was reminded of again that their selection is really narrow. They only have the fifth avenue and strand in widths other than D; park and mccallister only come in D width. The peal by CJ also all came in D width.   I ended up exchanging the mccallister for the following wingtip, antique tan, in 10D by paying the...
Unfortunately BB does not have these in width other than D. These are definitely too narrow because the eyelets should not be this far apart for an oxford and I get significant pressure on the top of my feet. I plan to try the 10.5D tomorrow, to see how much the half size larger can widen the shoes by.
Allen Edmonds has the Mccallister in all the widths, from A to EEE. I have been buying most of my shoes from Brooks Brothers through a friend, who's getting 50% off, cutting these shoes down to ~$200 after tax. At BB, they have the Park, Fifth, and Strand in all sizes and widths. The Mccallisters, however, only come in D width. I might have to revert back and pick up the Park in Brown. Returning this is an option but I don't want to bother this friend with returns on...
So I take it I should definitely size up to 10.5 to close the eyelet tabs?
So I traded in those 5th Avenue for the Mccallister in Burgundy. They only come in D width so I went with the 10D. The eyelet tabs have a pretty major gap between them. The red line is where my toes are so I think the length is fine but should I size up to 10.5?  
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