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Do you work for AE outlet/shoebank? The $99 brown ashbury is the "Brown Distressed Leather," correct?
The guy is in college and doesn't wear dress shoes often, he doesn't want to spend $250-300 for AE, so leave him alone. No need for nasty posts. Maybe he's studying at a small college where the entire town (students, professors, college staff, residents, combined) total less than 8000 where dressing down, rather than dressing up, is the norm. And after double sessions of practice + lifting on a daily basis, this guy prefers boat shoes or sneakers for some extra comfort....
I'll email and call the shoebank again tomorrow when they open. Can you tell me which one is the RL boot in the picture? I googled Ralph Lauren llford and didn't come up with anything.
  Where do you guys get these boots from. I emailed the shoebank for a list of shoes in 10D/E and don't see any boots on there.
Any thoughts on the following boots? Looks like a pretty good boot at a good price.
Is that only from the shoebank and seconds?   Also, anyone know what last is the fairfax in? 
I have a bowing problem on my strand but only when I take a step and land on the ground. Once the moment of impact is over, the bowing is gone. The strand is in size 10EEE. The shoes felt ok in the store but after wearing it for a day, I realized it to be too big. Turns out the correct size for me in the 5 last is something between a 9.5EEE and 10E, with the 9.5EEE a little tight while the 10E a little long. 
  It's a pair of Peal & Co nubucks I picked up from BB's recent 70% off sale. It's definitely C&J from the heel pattern but I don't see the shoes on C&J's website so I turned to you guys.   Any thoughts on trees for the 363 last? The trees I have are all from BB and Woodlore, which are made by AE and are bulky. Would these trees damage the shoes by stretching it too much? Are there cheaper alternatives to the standard C&J trees (I'm seeing $100) that are slim and fit well...
For CJs shoes, how do you tell which last a specific shoe is in. On  the shoes I have, I see the following set of numbers, 20392, 106, 10D, 1385-13363. Obviously 10D is the shoe size, so is 392, 106, or 363 the last #? And do you guys only use CJ shoe trees? The shoe is quite slim and narrows significantly around the toes. The Woodlore shoetrees (made by AE) I have are quite big for this pair of CJ shoes. 
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