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  Then I stand corrected. I don't see the option on the website and simply assumed it wasn't offered in the standard package. 
Agreed. Just had an exchange with Jay and he secured a pair of boots for me. 
I like B Nelson's work and they offer JR soles, which isn't available at AE as far as I know. 
I don't think you can get lasted shoetrees from Woodlore, considering they didn't make your shoes and don't have the last. If you want last specific shoe trees, buy them from the shoe manufacturer, but expect to dish out some cash.
If you want shoes, I suggest you go tomorrow morning as soon as they open. I have yet to see a sample sale where quality shoes last past day 1 (which is actually Friday).
What about Meermin? I don't own any of their shoes but just checked out their thread here and their website, and it looks like a pretty good pair of shoes (full grain calf, GY welted) for 160 euros, which comes out to a little over $200. The last also looks more sleek than that of AE. Although shipping could add another $40.
Do you work for AE outlet/shoebank? The $99 brown ashbury is the "Brown Distressed Leather," correct?
The guy is in college and doesn't wear dress shoes often, he doesn't want to spend $250-300 for AE, so leave him alone. No need for nasty posts. Maybe he's studying at a small college where the entire town (students, professors, college staff, residents, combined) total less than 8000 where dressing down, rather than dressing up, is the norm. And after double sessions of practice + lifting on a daily basis, this guy prefers boat shoes or sneakers for some extra comfort....
I'll email and call the shoebank again tomorrow when they open. Can you tell me which one is the RL boot in the picture? I googled Ralph Lauren llford and didn't come up with anything.
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