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Hows the fit on Sassetti shoes for those who owns it?
  Nope, straight out of the box.
Just got my RL Illford boots from Jay, size 10D. I assume these were seconds at $199 but I can't really tell what the defect was. Pretty tremendous value, especially for those that snagged a pair at $149 during the Black Friday sale.         I think AE walnut polish would be too dark for these so I plan to polish them with Saphir Tan. Unsure if I'll topy these but I do plan to wear them mostly during the winter months.
Now a sizing question on boots. I generally wear 10D/E in the 5 last (D is a better fit once the shoe is broken in imo) and the 10D Dalton (1 last) fits very well when I tried them on yesterday.   My question is, for the Ralph Lauren boots, which is in the 2 last, would a 10D fit comfortably?
  Then I stand corrected. I don't see the option on the website and simply assumed it wasn't offered in the standard package. 
Agreed. Just had an exchange with Jay and he secured a pair of boots for me. 
I like B Nelson's work and they offer JR soles, which isn't available at AE as far as I know. 
I don't think you can get lasted shoetrees from Woodlore, considering they didn't make your shoes and don't have the last. If you want last specific shoe trees, buy them from the shoe manufacturer, but expect to dish out some cash.
If you want shoes, I suggest you go tomorrow morning as soon as they open. I have yet to see a sample sale where quality shoes last past day 1 (which is actually Friday).
What about Meermin? I don't own any of their shoes but just checked out their thread here and their website, and it looks like a pretty good pair of shoes (full grain calf, GY welted) for 160 euros, which comes out to a little over $200. The last also looks more sleek than that of AE. Although shipping could add another $40.
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