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Glad to pass the info along.    This pair of chukkas look interesting as well, with DSW saying it's goodyear welted. No photos of sole in inside so hard to tell. http://www.dsw.com/shoe/santoni+men%27s+leather+chukka+boot?prodId=262802&activeCats=dsw10cat130006,dsw12cat900002,dsw12cat1780010
20% discount on DSW with code thefab48. I picked up the following Santoni goodyear welted derby for $239...   http://www.dsw.com/shoe/santoni+men%27s+vintage+leather+oxford?prodId=263301&activeCats=dsw10cat130006,dsw12cat900002,dsw12cat1780010
The Sassetti Trento arrived and it's pretty good construction. Uppers aren't as soft as my other Italian leather shoes but the leather is also thicker. Construction is sturdy (good year welted) with a pretty thick leather sole.    As for the design, I feel like the toe is a little bit too square and not quite as chiseled as I thought.     
Are shoetrees for boots different than shoe trees for laceup oxfords/derby? I'm having a hard time getting the woodlore shoe trees to fit into my boots. 
Thoughts on the Shearling boots and who the maker is?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Shearling-Boot/633H,default,pd.html?dwvar_633H_Color=TAN&contentpos=9&cgid=0494
At a little less than $200, I grabbed a pair of the Sassetti. Worst comes, I go to the nearby Nordstrom Rack and return the shoes when they arrive. 
Hows the fit on Sassetti shoes for those who owns it?
  Nope, straight out of the box.
Just got my RL Illford boots from Jay, size 10D. I assume these were seconds at $199 but I can't really tell what the defect was. Pretty tremendous value, especially for those that snagged a pair at $149 during the Black Friday sale.         I think AE walnut polish would be too dark for these so I plan to polish them with Saphir Tan. Unsure if I'll topy these but I do plan to wear them mostly during the winter months.
Now a sizing question on boots. I generally wear 10D/E in the 5 last (D is a better fit once the shoe is broken in imo) and the 10D Dalton (1 last) fits very well when I tried them on yesterday.   My question is, for the Ralph Lauren boots, which is in the 2 last, would a 10D fit comfortably?
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