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With macy's, I would call first. The Macy's in Herald Square carries AE but some of the smaller Macy's do not. Their sizes are also a little limiting. I remember trying on the Haight ankle boot and they only had B width...
Brooks has AE shoes in their stores. Just ask the sales associate which one is AE; they are all in the 5 last.   Macy's also have some AE shoes. 
  Obviously I'm hoping differently 
If anyone got the Saunders in 10D and find it doesn't quite fit that well, send me a pm. I'll take them off your hands.
Saunders only available in size 9D and 11D.  No more 10D...my wallet is happy but I'm not...
Saw the post earlier, I assume the Saunders are going for $130?
$219 or $239. They were all indeed in D width.
For those interested in the Fairfax, I saw a bunch of them (in brown, merlot, and chili) at the Nordstrom Rack in Union Square. Most of them are also in great condition, little to no creasing on the uppers. 
15.5/39 as in 15.5 neck 39 sleeve?
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