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Different last as well. You are looking at 5 last for Mccallister v. the RL last, which I believe is the 2.    Personally, I agree with the previous posters who said that the AE for RL has better leather and better finish. The RL Illford boots I have are made by AE and the leather feels more supple than my AE shoes. 
I snagged the last pair of Sanderson Brown 10D yesterday. $129.50 is an incredible deal. 
Are the AE for RL made of better leather than the normal AE? I know I asked this before but I can't really believe how big the markup on the RL retail is. 
The wording sounds like they are not legally allowed to recraft AE for RL shoes.
With macy's, I would call first. The Macy's in Herald Square carries AE but some of the smaller Macy's do not. Their sizes are also a little limiting. I remember trying on the Haight ankle boot and they only had B width...
Brooks has AE shoes in their stores. Just ask the sales associate which one is AE; they are all in the 5 last.   Macy's also have some AE shoes. 
  Obviously I'm hoping differently 
If anyone got the Saunders in 10D and find it doesn't quite fit that well, send me a pm. I'll take them off your hands.
Saunders only available in size 9D and 11D.  No more wallet is happy but I'm not...
Saw the post earlier, I assume the Saunders are going for $130?
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