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Can someone share their experience with Farfetched? The carmina's are price at $370 with the discount but shipped from Italy. I assume Carmina made it for a store in Italy and they are clearing inventory?   And what's going on with the Alden shoes on this site? They seem to be overpriced by 30-40%.
I would be in if this is the single or double monk. 
What's Kristle's email? And is there any discount going on? I don't want to waste her time if there is no discount at all.
Is there a seconds sale going? I read someone saying $159/pair?
  Pretty sure it's $35, unless they recently raised the price.
For the brown RL Sanderson, is the AE brown polish appropriate?
People buy AE because they are the best shoes you can get at this price point, especially with AE seconds going for $130-200. The comparison shouldn't be between AE and John Lobb/EG/CJ, which one would you buy. It should be between AE and Bostonian/Cole Haan/Florsheim/etc. which one would you buy.
Are the AE brown polish appropriate for the AE for RL brown shoes?
Tan is lighter than walnut.
Received my Brown Sanderson today. Just like my RL Illford seconds (purchased at $199, so for those buying at $130, you guys are very fortunate), I can't find the flaws that made them 2nd quality. There are slight scuffs on the sole of one shoe near the toe area but that seems inconsequential, especially when I plan to install toe plates. 
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