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does red wing shoe cream lighten them at all? i have a pair of red wing gt's (cigar color) and i would like to lighten them just a little, i have the shoe cream, just have not pulled the trigger to put it on yet. i don't want to make them bloched
spent 8 weeks breaking in my red wing gt's, put them on yesterday and felt something that thought was just a little fold in my sock, took my boot off only to find a staple poking up in the sole. i know things happen, but man my boots were feelig good. no problem on the return, but now i am back to square 1 on the break in, after they send my new gt's.
i hate to be a downer for you,but i bought my gt's from my local red wing store, i was thinking the same thing as you are,1/2 size smaller, the gentleman at the store gave some good advice, they will stretch a little wider, but no way will they get longer.
i have had my GT'S for about 8 weeks, the more i wear them the better they fit, as far as insoles go SUPERFEET black, they are very thin. i can move my toes alittle more than i would like, but a half size smaller would not work, that is why i use the insoles, they are snug whithout being tight. i think if you are patient, and give them time it will work well for you.
know what you mean, learned quality from my dad, he was a dairy farmer with six children, if my mom bought us something cheap, his would raise holy hell, did not have a lot of money back then, but he always told us that there was a difference between price and value
if you use insoles, i have had great luck with SUPERFEET, you can find them online, i use the black ones, they are thin. my heel did slip a little, but the more i wore my gt's the better they fit. i am not sure but i think you can buy a heel insert, i think with the insole you might be good.
if you sweat that much your under to much stress lol,  i have never run into that problem, but i do switch my boots from day to day. have you ever tried insoles? super feet insoles are great.
i have to say i over think a lot of things, they feel good, nice and snug, but when the leather stretches i am afraid they will be to big, crazy i know but that is just the way i think, not only drives my wife nuts, i an starting to get on my own nerves.
you might try some neatsfoot oil first, since they are leather soles
you might try some neatsfoot oil first, since they are leather soles
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