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Found some sweet Chester Barrie Flat Front slacks.  What is the name for this fabric pattern?  It's ribbed, but I wouldn't call it a corduroy. [[SPOILER]]  Found these (internet pic) Santoni Rayburns at the Nordstoms Last Chance.  My size, absolutely beautiful and at thrift prices.  Found a Brioni tie with a sliding buttonhole on it.  Anyone know what it's called?   Had my best tie hall on Saturday at the same store.   [[SPOILER]]
Spoo made a deal with the devil. 
Thank you!
Quick question regarding flannel suits / sport coats.  If I'm correct, worsted flannel feels almost akin to a cashmere.  I've picked up others that I usually describe as a rough flannel on my listings.  They are fall / winter weight items that feel course / rough to the touch.  Not like a tweed, but a suiting fabric.  Are these just considered flannel?
Nice!  I'm an espresso junkie.  Thrifted a Saeco Via Venezia machine 2 years ago for $40 that's still going strong.  Good luck.
Here are some more recent finds: Billy Reid Slim Cut Button-Down M  [[SPOILER]]  Spyder Made in Japan 1/2 Zip S  [[SPOILER]]  Throwback Istante Versace DB Tuxedo w/ some bedazzled buttons [[SPOILER]]  Gieves & Hawkes x Hickey Freeman Navy Blazer  [[SPOILER]]  Comme Des Garcons Contrast Collar / Cuff Button Up   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks for the info.Nice fit!  I'm digging the pattern.  What is the tailoring scene like in Sweden?  Any high end, quality makers based in Sweden to know about?
I thought I CSI'd that one. You guys are good. I tried $90 but was way off.
Long time no post.  Had to catch up from March to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Everybody's killing it as usual. I have a couple of goodies.  The first is by a Swedish maker called Essge for a Mens store called Holmens Herr.  Any of our Scandinavian thrifters heard of it?  It is fully canvassed, dual vented and has some hand work with a throat latch and ticket pocket.  It also has some unique semi-circle elbow patches.   It's too small for me. Its about a 38 to 40L...
New Posts  All Forums: