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@eazye Just stop. Those windowpanes. My borderline ethrift just came in. Perfect fit. Gray POW check flannel ticket pocket suede elbow patch dual exhaust. Is this Michael Bastian made by Cucinelli? The tag looks similar. Side note. If you come across Michael Bastian or Gant MB in a 44 / 54 get at me.
Congrats & Cheers  
Genuine reptile or not?  Linda listed as embossed.  I picked them up as they are Certo by Borgioli and she listed them as Fatte a mano.   [[SPOILER]]
That is grail for me.  I will trade you several of the 14 espresso machines I've been hording to re-sell that my wife wants to toss in the trash to get her pantry back.
Rocking the suede Gravati's today. Thanks again @SpooPoker
Shout out to @SpooPoker for the hookup on the trade.  Way more than generous.  Also a shout out to @vexco for the trade.  The extra was great!  Your new stuff will be on the way. Here are some recent finds Saint James Breton  [[SPOILER]]  Sweet vintage Canali 6x2 flat front tweedy suit  [[SPOILER]]  80's 90's Silk goodness   [[SPOILER]]  Coast  [[SPOILER]]  W&G  [[SPOILER]]  Fifteen  [[SPOILER]]  Eskandar.  These things are $$$.  Everyone I've gotten have sold in less than...
It looks like a l to xl with a 24" chest.
Calling all outdoor clothing enthusiasts.  Looking for a little help on a tagless Patagonia.  Anyone know the model?  @Fueco   [[SPOILER]]
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