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Just getting around to posting my Huntsman finds.  Did Chester Barrie make for Huntsman's department store line?  A little disappointed as the shoulders are a little built up.  [[SPOILER]]   Some finds from a recent San Diego trip:  [[SPOILER]]
I'll save you a seat in the pew next to me   
 That is sick   So many thumbs today, damn.  Found this today:   This thing looks almost new.  Appears just some scuffs and a nick from the Goodwill peeps.  Coach hard briefcase.  From what I've researched, they're discontinued and can bring some $$$.
Can you write my eBay descriptions for me?Welcome! Great finds.
Definitely the hash browns, scattered, smothered, covered and chunked. I believe that's broken up with onion and ham and covered wih cheese. Pecan waffles are good too.
Has anybody seen this label?  It is on a Davinci Oro Sport Coat.  I've seen Davinci's made by the same factory as Isaia but not this label.  
Found these PRL Italy riding pants.  Does Corneliani make these?  [[SPOILER]]   Some small guy NWOT PRL Corneliani unfinished suit pants.  No luck on the jacket but a cool pattern.   [[SPOILER]]    YSL Rive Gauche shortwings   [[SPOILER]]   Denim heads, are these a thing? Selvedge?  It's sealed but different then the typical selvedge I've seen.   [[SPOILER]]
Damn! Congrats.  I haven't found shell in 3 years thrifting out here in AZ.  I think it's a myth.
That is awesome I bet it pulls a great shot.
I'll have to search through @Orgetorix posts for that.  I thifted two Saeco Via Venezia's.  One for me and one for my mom's house in San Diego for visits.  Does the trick but I'm looking for a dual boiler.  I also thrifted a superautomatic that needs some O-Rings, but a manual is my goal.
New Posts  All Forums: