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Are those navy trousers?  I likee the combo.
I picked up a 44L and was suprised it fit me to a T.  All of my other suits and sport coats are 42L.  Does Belvest usually run slimmer?  It was my first time seeing Belvest and it would be nice to know since I'm in love and will be looking for more.  
Does this sound like feedback extortion?:   "Hi, I received the polo coat today. For some reason it has a "old" type smell to it. Not sure if it because of the ziplock bag it was packed in or what. It is intolerable. But I like the coat... But not sure if I can deal with that."     I tried that coat on and was face to face with it inpsecting it for stains (white rain coat) and didn't notice any odors.   I just responded offering a 10% refund that would cover a...
 Off the top of my head, I think they were 44R.  I check every week as part of my thrift routine so I'll let you know.  I might start taking pics and offering to proxy the ones I don't want.
 ***Unnecessary post count adding post*** Wait for me.  Almost to 50 posts.
 They had 2 Billy Reid tweed sport coats on clearance.  Just waiting for the price to come down.  
 True.  I just dig the Belvest buttons.  Either way I'm probably not going to be able to find spare Belvest buttons.  That just gives me a chance to pick out some super rare Black Rhino Horn buttons or something rare and illegal like that to complement the Belvest 
Picked up my favorite discount find.  A cotton Belvest for Neiman Marcus 3 roll 2, dual vent, flat front suit at the Last Call here for $90.00.  I have about another 3 weeks of 90+ degree weather to wear it.  I emailed Belvest and Neiman Marcus to try to get the sleeve buttons as the pack was missing with no luck.  Her is the suit from an eBay listing (not...
   That is a thing of beauty!
I need an authenticity check on a super gaudy "Versace Jeans Couture" camp shirt with an oversized logo on the back.  I'm leaning towards fake as the tag seams off, along with no content tag.   [[SPOILER]]
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