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Calling all outdoor clothing enthusiasts.  Looking for a little help on a tagless Patagonia.  Anyone know the model?  @Fueco   [[SPOILER]]
Potato thrift / e-thrift pic. Taking the wifey to a concert tonite. E-thrift Gant Michael Bastian linen pow check jacket EZ pants HB shirt
Dat Weekender  Cool!  Their background story is interesting.  It seemed like such a unique store to visit before the GAP purchase.
Anybody know anything about this. It's tagged banana republic. It looks military and not mfg by BR. The tag says BR started by collecting surplus in Europe. Maybe @Nataku
I'm in love with this Kiton suit from the latest issue of GQ. Pure cashmere.
  Hot Fire. 
 I feel a thrifted Kiton coming your way.  Hop on the karma train.  Props!
 I love KJUS.  I had a size Large FOIL soft shell but is was too slim.  Is that down?  Looks kind of like the Blackcomb.
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