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Thanks, I'm past it.  I was just wondering if I made a mistake in handing it.
Not sure of where to direct this, but please add this user to your shit list:    fthe_b_kigw9nd8i   Opened a did not fit return in eBay and said too big, too heavy too long.  It was closed a second later because he opened a claim through PayPal saying it's not as described.  I accept returns and provided screen shots to PayPal showing his return reason and a copy of the listing showing I provide measurements and advise to check measurements against clothing they have...
Good day.  Things are starting to heat up.  SC, Tux, Suit, DB black orphan & gold plated Porsche Design Carrera aviators.  Checking back for the pants.  
Need more pics!  I freaking love chalk stripe windowpanes.
Kopped this the other day.  Guess who's watching football in style on Thanksgiving morning.  20% off to boot.  [[SPOILER]]
Any idea on the maker tag?  It's on a baller cashmere quilted jacket from Axel's, a high end store in Vail, CO.    
Anybody know if this is authentic?  It looks real but older to me but I'm not an expert.  I could't find any interior tags.   [[SPOILER]]
Had to look up balmacaan.  A lot easier than describing them as raglan sleeve overcoat in my listings.  So much knowledge on this site.
One day too late for Halloween.  Did the dude last year though.  Women's section and missing the Pendleton tag.   [[SPOILER]]
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