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@classicthrifter It looks like the Loro I found. It's the Icer model. Congrats! Sold mine for $1K
   Just had to vent.  The GI Joe talk brought back bad memories.  About '84, '85 young me had the foresight to buy 2 storm shadows & 2 snake eyes, 1 to play with and 1 to collect.  Fast forward to 1997 and my then girlfriend brought her kids over to my apartment to wait for me to get off work.  Kids were bored so she proceeded to open said packages for them to play with. Almost ended the relationship.  Despite her bad judgement, I call that woman wife now.   
Thanks!  I own a Belvest suit too. 
  Any idea on this maker?  It's on a Prada sport coat.  I've only seen Cantarelli for Prada.
  Sa Da Tay on the Jammy Sod?
Thanks for the info!
Is this vintage Margiela? Black synthetic button up with a 70's collar.
There is so much damn knowledge on this thread.  It's amazing.
Season 2 soundtrack for Stranger Things is all you.  Get on it.
Got Damn.  Caruso on this one.
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