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Hi All.  I'm trying to determine a maker for this made in Italy Dunhill London jacket.  It looks similar to Saint Andrews, but I can't find anything online.  Thanks in advance!  
Found something cool in the pocket of a vintage 40's sport coat for you New Wave fans:  Some of the finds last week:   [[SPOILER]]
Big ups to @SpooPoker for the great trade!  More than generous.
@SpooPoker or any other exotic leather experts.  These struck me as alligator due to the non repeating pattern and lack of scuffing or fading.  They're for Wilkes Bashford.  I believe they were resoled with vibram soles so no markings anywhere.   [[SPOILER]]
In the field yesterday and found this XXX goodness.  POP for me! NA but will post full pics later:  Some more of last weeks finds (all n/a  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Moar thrift synergy   Some other WAH stuff.  They do pretty well for me  [[SPOILER]]
Finally caught up on the thread.  I'm blown away on some of the finds!  Especially by my fellow Phoenician @dexconstruct.  Gives me that feeling when somebody in your city is taking your shit :)   Here are some of the finds from the past couple months.  Most are NA or on that site  [[SPOILER]]
NYC was a bust thrift wise but the food...  Oh the food!  Thanks for all the restaurant recommendations.  Here are some finds from the past month.  All currently already listed on the Bay: These are so sick.  Why couldn't they be 13's   [[SPOILER]]   These and the one's above were thifts, but not thrift prices    [[SPOILER]]   Cool as hell but missing the insoles :(   [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]   100%...
That Kei!  
Thanks for that stitch pattern name!  Sashiko.  I was scouring the Googles and just ended up with Foulard design.  
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