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Anybody looking for some vtg florsheim longwings 11D? They've been reheeled (might need it again) but have the original soles. Can proxy. They're $11.99 less 25% discount today.
Nice! They have now been bookmarked 
Thanks @Letric I was concerned about the mahogany label as that was the one I e-thrifted and the seller isn't known for answering questions. Here are some of my meager recent finds: Dale of Norway Gore Windstopper NA   [[SPOILER]]   SAND Copenhagen Merino Slim XL.  Had to research this but they retail for $198 at Saks.   [[SPOILER]]   Cooper Type A-2 Bomber   [[SPOILER]]   Is this the Nautica I'm Looking for?   [[SPOILER]]   Cool Bally Woven Formal Loafers   [[SPOILER]]...
This is awesome .  Congrats.  I have a friend down in South Florida that is a classic menswear fan and a Brooks Brothers-phile.  He would definitely get a kick out of having something made from a former head of Brooks Bespoke.  I will definitely pass your information on to him.
Quick question.  Is there any difference in these recent Hickey Freeman labels?  Full canvassed / half? One more recent?  Thanks in advance!    
I lack the requisite balls to pull it off.
If anybody's interested, there's a loud PRL x Corneliani made in Slovakia. It's partially lined and single vented. It a pretty true to a 42L but I don't have any measurements. I would say about a 44 to 45" chest, 26 to 27" sleeves and probably 19.5 to 20.5" shoulders. It's 50% off tomorrow (about $17.50 plus tax). Available for proxy at cost plus shipping if you're interested.
@Shoeluv Just catching up on 2 weeks of posts so this is probably a little late but that Oxxford I believe is made by John Smedley.  I just thrifted the same one with the same content tag.  [[SPOILER]]  Has anybody seen this content tag?  Its a cashmere 1/2 zip sweater made in Italy, but the maker tag is missing:    
Shout out to @330CK for the hook up on a Brooks Brothers sport coat!  I'm sure everybody knows by now he's a stand up guy and what makes this the best thread around.  Inspired me to do my first thrift fit.  I just have to lengthen the sleeves a little but otherwise it's great.  Can't wear it outside for another 2 months though    [[SPOILER]]
 Been lurking every so often in the HOF WAYWRN thread and your fits are always on point.  That coat is sweet.  Damn this Phoenix weather, because that is definitely my style.
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