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Another all items thrifted fit.  If only I learnt the game sooner.  So much money wasted at Ross & BCF in the 90's and 2000's.     LBM 1911 SC EZ shirt J Crew Ludlow Vest Lands End tie RL tweed herringbone pants   Now some recent thrifts                                                                                    
  Brunello Cucinelli Linen SC
Thrift fit with Brunello Cucinelli I thrifted.  Lightest weight linen I have felt..  
My condolences Doc.
 I would say a classic fit 40R or a slimmer fit / Italian cut 42R.   Edit:  Could be a long as some of the more recent model regulars I've seen have a length of 29" to 30".  Depends on the styling of the jacket.
My old girls Havana & DeeDee.   Whenever dogs are posted...
I'm drawing a blank.  Are these Brooks Brothers Alden, Rancourt or something else?        
They were made in the USA. I don't think INCOTEX / SLOWEAR has an American factory. Just Italy, Romania and Portugal I believe. Nice pants though.
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