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NYC was a bust thrift wise but the food...  Oh the food!  Thanks for all the restaurant recommendations.  Here are some finds from the past month.  All currently already listed on the Bay: These are so sick.  Why couldn't they be 13's   [[SPOILER]]   These and the one's above were thifts, but not thrift prices    [[SPOILER]]   Cool as hell but missing the insoles :(   [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]   100%...
That Kei!  
Thanks for that stitch pattern name!  Sashiko.  I was scouring the Googles and just ended up with Foulard design.  
   It may have been Caruso.  I picked one up made by Caruso but returned it due to damage.  All the others I've found were Cantarelli.  Canali, Caruso and Corneliani tags look pretty similar to me.  Not Faconnable but below is a Lanvin x Caruso I have.  
Picked up a blast from my childhood a little while back.  Didn't have a leather medallion to go with it so I had to sell it.  I believe I got 2 billz for it.   [[SPOILER]]
Just like my heart. (Seriously good though)
I knew it felt like I was thrifting in somebody's wake today. At least I found a great pastrami sandwich.
Anybody have any experience with PayPal Seller Protection?  It says they cover items not received by buyers.  The caveat is that the claim cannot be filed through eBay.  
  Thanks for the info!  I've never encountered true Savile Row items.  I guess I was speaking to my preference and not realizing Huntsman has a traditional 'style' that many would be drawn to.  I did pick up a Cantarelli that I returned due to stains that was indeed a more Italian cut.
Tweed pocket square?  Sweet!
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