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Found something cool in the pocket of a vintage 40's sport coat for you New Wave fans:  Some of the finds last week:   [[SPOILER]]
Big ups to @SpooPoker for the great trade!  More than generous.
@SpooPoker or any other exotic leather experts.  These struck me as alligator due to the non repeating pattern and lack of scuffing or fading.  They're for Wilkes Bashford.  I believe they were resoled with vibram soles so no markings anywhere.   [[SPOILER]]
In the field yesterday and found this XXX goodness.  POP for me! NA but will post full pics later:  Some more of last weeks finds (all n/a  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Moar thrift synergy   Some other WAH stuff.  They do pretty well for me  [[SPOILER]]
Finally caught up on the thread.  I'm blown away on some of the finds!  Especially by my fellow Phoenician @dexconstruct.  Gives me that feeling when somebody in your city is taking your shit :)   Here are some of the finds from the past couple months.  Most are NA or on that site  [[SPOILER]]
NYC was a bust thrift wise but the food...  Oh the food!  Thanks for all the restaurant recommendations.  Here are some finds from the past month.  All currently already listed on the Bay: These are so sick.  Why couldn't they be 13's   [[SPOILER]]   These and the one's above were thifts, but not thrift prices    [[SPOILER]]   Cool as hell but missing the insoles :(   [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]   100%...
That Kei!  
Thanks for that stitch pattern name!  Sashiko.  I was scouring the Googles and just ended up with Foulard design.  
   It may have been Caruso.  I picked one up made by Caruso but returned it due to damage.  All the others I've found were Cantarelli.  Canali, Caruso and Corneliani tags look pretty similar to me.  Not Faconnable but below is a Lanvin x Caruso I have.  
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