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    Good day today.  70% end of season sale at a local consignment store.  All unstructured sexiness and all fit .  Brioni is recent.  A bunch more I'll post later.
I must be too high right now because it took me forever to find the edit.
If this is you, then yes. 
I'm 40 with a man bun   I rock it with copious amounts of tweed though.  Also, I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
Found the Wolverine!
That's how the cool thrifting kids talk nowadays.  Cuci, Kitten, Skeets, Smegma Dildo, etc...   I thought you knew 
So that's Cuci too!?  I need to keep an eye out now. Nope, HP.  Just my usual user error.
That moment when you search "Loro Piano" trying to come up on some e-thrifts and one of your own listings pops up 
New Posts  All Forums: