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Shipping is included for the USA. Please add 20 dollars for International shipping. Local pickup is available in NYC. No returns Shoes are all gorgeous Horween leather. I have one box/bags available first person to request them gets them. It will be an additional $5 because I will have to ship in a larger box (no charge if picking up). Chocolate Brown Longwings ($200) Size 10 Chocolate Brown Wingtip Boots ($225) Sizes 8 and 8.5 Bone Wingtips ($225) Size 13
Go Giants.
I went to Gilbert Center's place in Brooklyn today to have an umbrella made. I Had a look at of all of his sticks, canopy fabrics, frames, etc. I decided on a solid bark ash with a navy blue nylon canopy. He measured for size and said I should have it in a week or two.The brolly cost around 200 bucks, and while I cant comment on quality yet, seeing some of his past work, I am sure it will be a steal. Gilbert turned 87 today and has been an umbrella maker/repairman all of...
CI has a great deal for Aurora Ecuador Preferidos. They're usually 15-20, theyre selling 10 for $47. A great smoke at under 5 bucks. Ends in 45 minutes... www.joecigar.com
Been a while boys; what are you smoking for New Years Eve?
Padron Magnum, 50x9. Gonna be chain smoking and drinking saison all night and morning.
Come at me Irene
I agree, 52 is as big as I can go. 38-46 is where its at.
http://www.cigarsinternational.com/h...ec_deals_c.asp Great deal on a great cigar this week. Only hang up is that it is A FUCKING 60 GAUGE. If you like fat cigars, snap this one up.
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