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Can I get some votes for left, right or neither?   Edit: I'll be wearing them with tan, gray and olive pants mostly, if that changes anyone's vote.
The neck is fine. That's the only part I feel good about judging by myself.
  I don't know why I did that. Here you go:    
How does this shirt fit? It feels just a little snug around the midsection, but I think it looks OK there so I'm not sure. Are the sleeves a bit too long?    
Next ignorant question:   Is an Allen Edmonds Leeds both casual enough to wear with chinos and dressy enough to wear with a suit occasionally?  
Thank you.
I sincerely love the honesty here.
Is the AE shoe bank online? Google gave me a dead link.
Thoughts on these shoes for business very-casual wear (or any other time)? Is the toe too square?    
Thoughts on these shoes to wear with chinos to work?    
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