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The early 80's was the pinnacle of many things, and sports team uniform design was one of those things.
It has almost never happened that a team has updated its uniforms and the change has been for the better
They're so cheap. Then again, I guess they're ~15 years old now. Still a damn fine looking automobile. But I work from home, and already have two cars My understanding is that all of them with manual transmission come with sport package. But the '03 has the M-sport.
I kind of want to pick up an E39 540i/6 just to mess around with. But I have no need for it whatsoever. Can someone please talk me out of it?
g/f (not GreenFrog) and I are on separate business trips. Work won't spring for 1st class.
I am on a plane so I can't call my lawyer (and also I don't have a lawyer), but I feel like morally, ethically, and legally I should be allowed to straight up murder this guy.
I'm on a flight from Philly to LA in a middle seat next to my g/f. They asked the guy next to me 3x if he wants to move to with a window or aisle seat with no one in the middle seat. He said no. What. The. Fuck.
Ok, we get it - Aaron's going to be a good guy, but you have to build up suspense. But come on. Anyone takes a bite of applesauce in that situation.
There was an ep where Abraham said to Rosita “Maybe I’ll let you shave me down all over. Dolphin smooth.”
New Posts  All Forums: