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Yup, still liking my SE Feel like a broken record over the past few years, but battery life is much more needed than continuing to make things thinner and thinner. 7 seems like a real disappointment. Basically a continuation of the 6, the worst looking iPhone design ever. Still too much wasted space around the top and bottom bezels.Will say that the camera improvements over the recent years have been impressive.
Bluetooth in a nutshell right there.I guess if it ships with a lightning adapter then ok, but it's just something else to lose. And what about when I want to charge my phone while listening to headphones?I don't see why the phone needs to be slimmer. My 6 is already significantly bent
Pretty blown away by SuSu. Ended up ordering the first option, since they only had two in stock and have free shipping and returns. Ordered a little after 1PM yesterday, and it arrived this morning. Fit is perfect for me. One of the best fitting shirts I own.
Thoughts on pleated vs marcella tux shirts? Tux will be RLBL - peak lapels, midnight blue: Grabbed an RLPL pleated shirt on eBay, but wondering if the wider pleats will look off with the slimmer cut of the RLBL tux. Also considering going with one of the SuSu...
Good to hear, thanks!
Any difference in how they fit? Are the lined version more snug?
Agree with those who have a preference NOT to match. All the colors coordinate, and the common leather and styling brings things together. I like all the colors, but have my own preferences as to what works best with different bag designs. I choose more based on that vs. with which other bags I'm likely to pair. Also, as has come up a bunch in the thread, navy is flimsier than tan/otter/brown. Love the look of navy but tend to avoid it as I prefer the stiffness of...
StarTac is the greatest cell phone of all time. As long as you have a supply of extra antennas.
Re: the leather jacket - overall, very happy with it. Positives: -Smells fantastic! -I'm a big CXL fan and the leather (on mine) looks good -Fits well for me - I especially like the waist taper -I'm a fan of the overall style. Some have commented that it's a bit too "dad's leather jacket" for them, but I like the simplicity. I'd last about two seconds in a motorcycle before I crashed and killed myself, so I feel like an ass walking around in something like a cafe...
Every time my phone buzzes I'm afraid it's a text from one of my buddies telling me Bryan Colangelo did something stupid.
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