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Having researched this fairly extensively not too long ago - you'll find people who will tell you that cheaper models are just as reliable, and you'll find people who will push you toward more expensive boutique brands, but it'll be hard for you to find anyone who'll tell you that you have a bad gun if you buy a Colt 6920. Keep an eye on slickguns, and depending on how patient you want to be, you can find one for as little as ~$900.
One thing I hope they change in iOS8 - the state of the caps lock key. Such a minor issue, but particularly annoying because I can't fathom why they'd make that UI decision - when caps lock is in, the key is the same color as the rest of the keyboard. When it's off, it's different. WTF? I think this was changed back around iOS7/7.1.
Yes, when you search "magnum" you get the four bags in the new cloth (basically, what was shown in the press releases), and three other photography bags: http://www.filson.com/search/?q=magnum Looks like a lot of overlap - the two sportsman bags; field bag vs. messenger bag, and the two backpacks (to a lesser extent, but I don't see either of those or the tote as being all that usable/functional). For these purposes, it's nice to see the two sportsman bags with different...
Seems they're using a new fabric for the magnum bags. I'd like to see it in person to see how it compares to the tin cloth and rugged twill. I've been very happy using my medium field bag with padded insert as a camera bag - not sure I see much here that'd make me want to switch (or pay the added cost, if I were buying now). The Harvey messenger bag would probably be of most interest. One nice feature is that the snaps on the front bellows pockets are located on a...
Isn't that what HELOCs are for?I mean, that and kopping Rolexes?
Admittedly, I haven't kept up to date with the latest bodies, but IMO the OM-D series is the way to go - in this case, either the 5 or the 10. As has been mentioned, fantastic IBIS (the 5 is more advanced than the 10 here), and they have a viewfinder (a must for me). Maybe the EM-5 could be a little smaller, but I don't think I'd want it much smaller - you can only get so small while having sufficient external controls. I've never understood the appeal of the NEX system...
otc, what sort of pictures do you primarily take? In my opinion, for all but long range sports/action, m/43 is fantastic. Just spent some time in Europe with an OM-D E-M5 + Panasonic 7-14/4 and Oly 45/1.8. Can't speak to the other recent bodies, but the E-M5 is a joy to use. Carried everything in a Filson medium field bag + padded insert, with a bunch of room to spare. Took it everywhere with me - could't imagine lugging around my 1DIII the whole time.
I've had my iPhone 5 since launch day, and have never once had a desire for a larger screen. I have a desire for better battery life just about every single day.
Noticed that as well - don't think it was a repair, but not sure what it was.
Here's a 257 I just ran into that's got some real wear on it (contrast with the above): And where would I run into by far the best looking Filson bag I've ever seen? Budapest, of course. This guy said he's had it for 30 years, and it was originally tan. Interesting that over the years, the tan and the green seem to take on a similar color, with the tan darkening and the green lightening. So, if you're going to use your bag hard, don't spend too much time deciding which...
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