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Well you see, there actually is no half link for the SDc's bracelet (97400). There is one for the Sub, of course, the bracelet for which (97200) is - wait for it - exactly the same as the SD, except for the end links. Which, to state the obvious, would not remotely come in contact with a half link. The trick is getting Rolex to make the logical jump that the B32-21029-D1 half link for the 97200 will, therefore, also fit the 97400.No mention of the firstborn; the gods...
Hopefully I don't jinx myself by saying so, but I think I've successfully convinced Rolex to sell me a half link for my SDc! You would think this would be easy, but turns out it's quite the process.
Sixers 7-1 in the last 8 games Embiid has played #TrustTheProcess
It's a huge relief to see that there are others harboring a strong dislike for that Air King. I've seen positive comments about it in the past, which have been a mystery to me. To each his own. I will say that I think the bit of green is a nice touch. Hopefully a gradual shift back toward smaller watches will help to alleviate the other major problem facing the industry - misaligned and poorly placed date windows.
For what it's worth, I went through a similar thought process - simple, white dial, I could use a "dress" watch - which led to my choosing the version with Romans vs Arabic (somewhat related to the recent discussion around typeface - I also really wanted the old logo, which was no longer available on Arabic when I was ordering).I've regrettably found that the size doesn't work for my 6.5" wrist for that purpose. It's not too large in a general sense, but does wear large...
DavidSW had a NOS Pepsi GMT recently that I kinda regret not instakopping
Agree 100% re:scrolling. I've used dell versions in the past; definitely not up to the thinkpad standard, but better than nothing. My biggest concern about the xps is getting used to a laptop with no nub.
Had one at work and it was a complete POS. Pretty much everything that could've gone wrong did go wrong. IBM techs out to fix it 3x, basically replaced the whole thing piece by piece and it still wasn't right. Not sure if I got a lemon, or if thinkpads aren't what they used to be. Shame because I've always been a huge thinkpad fan. On a T460s now and it's ok, but XPS seems like a better package other than keyboard/missing nub.
It's the only answer that makes sense
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