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StarTac is the greatest cell phone of all time. As long as you have a supply of extra antennas.
Re: the leather jacket - overall, very happy with it. Positives: -Smells fantastic! -I'm a big CXL fan and the leather (on mine) looks good -Fits well for me - I especially like the waist taper -I'm a fan of the overall style. Some have commented that it's a bit too "dad's leather jacket" for them, but I like the simplicity. I'd last about two seconds in a motorcycle before I crashed and killed myself, so I feel like an ass walking around in something like a cafe...
Every time my phone buzzes I'm afraid it's a text from one of my buddies telling me Bryan Colangelo did something stupid.
Thanks. Have to admit that in my research I came across someone on Reddit who'd used the Otter Wax on Alden boots with the same suede, which made going through with it a bit easier. I'd wanted to darken and protect the boots, and am very happy with how they turned out.
Update on these as I finally got some flat waxed laces.Went from:to:Looking forward to seeing how they break in
40" or just under
Not sure that the shell on your loafers is so much an imperfection as it is that the right side is a bit of a darker shade than the left (though the left does seem a bit smoother, maybe? I'm not on a great monitor at the moment).I've had similar happen on a pair of cigar shell shoes - the left was a different shade than the right. I'm neurotic about this sort of thing and had them swapped out; believe me, I wish I didn't notice/care about this sort of thing so much. ...
@crossfi73, sorry to see that. My box was in rough shape as well...I wondered if it's opened up during transit and USPS had re-taped it. I can't see that causing your leather issue, though. Just looks like a bad piece of leather to me. I'm sure Gustin CS will get you sorted out, but frustrating to have that happen after the long wait. Leather is going to have variations, and everyone's got their own opinions and preferences as to what's acceptable - but that's the...
Sorry for the quality, but I know people are eager for pics. Comments to come when I get a bit of time... I'm 6'/~170 lbs. Long torso and arms for my size. This is a medium
Thanks...sounds promising!Well, if my M CXL natural ends up being small....
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