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Depends what you're using it for, but if you're in and out of the bag a lot, even having to keep undoing the buckles gets annoying. Can't imagine having a zipper as well. I think for most people, either the medium field bag or one of the briefcases is a better option.
I thought the Brute was pretty cool, then I saw the price...c'mon. I'd love to know how many of those they've sold.I'm surprised they have so much of the wheeled luggage - both duffles and suitcases. Never had any interest in any of that myself, and you don't really see them discussed on the forum. I'm sure SF is only a small fraction of their consumer base, but it just doesn't seem like the type of stuff that would appeal to their customers. Apparently I'm wrong, or...
They've gotten rid of almost all of the color/fabric combination bags, and have pared down their luggage offerings overall. I wonder if it's a shift in direction from what they've been doing the last couple of years, or if there's a bunch of new stuff coming. Looks like the original sportsman bag is a thing of the past as well (presumably replaced by the heritage sportsman). They'd have a real winner on their hands if they'd combine the heritage sportsman with the...
Filson looks to have gone through another round of price increases - 256/257/258 are $265/$345/$385, respectively. Surprised at the wide gap in pricing between 256 and 257, and the smaller gap from 257 to 258. Would have expected the opposite since the 256 and 257 are much more similar.
In person, it's bright as hell. Like the navy, it doesn't feel as thick/substantial as the tan/otter/brown twills. Whether it's masculine or feminine probably depends a lot on whether you're out hunting or walking around the mall
I'm sure the idea was to protect the ball....just didn't look like anyone was close to him. Anyway, will go down as one of the biggest collapses ever. I was hoping to have at least one team to root for in the Super Bowl.
+1I don't disagree with any of that. However, they mentioned on the broadcast that he was getting an earful from the special teams coach, and that makes a lot more sense now that we know he was supposed to be blocking. If you're going to freelance, you better damn sure make the play.GB had to do a lot to lose that game, but that play stands out to me because it's when I personally switched from thinking "Packers are making this a little too interesting" to "goddamn,...
The other 10% wish they could be that swole
I guess Bostick now has a better understanding of why the coaches had him in there to block, rather than try to field the onside kick.
Still thinking about it. But it's embarrassing how many filson bags I have
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