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This hits a little too close to home for me....
Bob Kraft looks like an over-tanned Oompa Loompa. Also, relevant to SF, does he just have a whole closet full of contrast collar dress shirts?
That's ironic
Sam Bradford is clutch* *-ing his ACL
LOL @ the Bob Kraft news conference. If you haven't read the comments, I will summarize: "I thought Roger was going to hook me up and let Tom off because I accepted my punishment, but he didn't! WAHHH!"
That's a different matter entirely, iced tea is a delight.
Tea! Now that is some bullshit. There's only one man I respect who drinks hot tea and his name is Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Have never tried one of those (or a caffeine pill, for that matter). But coffee is so damn good.
Just received a work email about a meeting being set up so that a group can start "action-ing" on a certain issue. If only there were a word we could use to avoid the need to verbify "action".... ....A word like "acting"....
Probably quite a few
New Posts  All Forums: