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My g/f is fond of telling people that the moment she decided to stick around was when I told her (in reference to my Speedy):"It's the watch that NASA gives astronauts when they go to the moon. But I mostly use mine to time grilled cheeses."Nice JLC!
Interesting. I ask because the navy is definitely thinner and less sturdy than the other colors.I do have digital calipers, and posted in this thread some time ago about the thickness of various twill colors.
Same color twill on the new and old?
I think they came in 360 KB or 1.2 MB
If you're talkin' 'bout them new-fangled 3.5" floppies
I have a 12 year old x31 around here somewhere that was still working last I checked. Trying to wean myself off the Thinkpad trackpoint. Have never been a fan of trackpads, but that's definitely one area where Apple is a step up on the competition.
What was causing you to upgrade thinkpads every two years? My personal laptop is a T61 from 2007 that works just fine for web browsing, although I'd like a little more speed for Lightroom (I've upgraded to an SSD and bumped the RAM). Work laptop is a T420s that's coming up on three years old with no real issues. That said, we're on a three year upgrade cycle and I might switch to a 15" macbook.
Walked into a store today, and it was basically an all out assault to get people to buy an Apple watch. Pretty off-putting.I will say that the form factor of the new Macbook is great. Keyboard and trackpad are a little different, but I don't think either would take long to get used to. May need to get one in a few generations.
Agree with all of this. More money, less battery life, and lower performance in exchange for making something that was already really small a little bit smaller? No thanks. I had high hopes for this one due to retina display, but I think the macbook pro would suit me better.
I think it adds up to 45.5 lineal inches, and the limit is technically 45. But it's soft sided and you should have no issues so long as it's not absolutely stuffed to the maximum.
New Posts  All Forums: