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The problem with the NBA is one that's fundamental to basketball. You only have 5 starters per team, superstars can absolutely dominate a game. If you don't have a top 5 player in the league, your chances of winning a championship are pretty much non-existent (unless you're the 2004 Pistons). Football has 22 starters. Baseball has 9 (10 if you could the AL). Hockey has a ton of shift changes, so you get a lot of guys with significant minutes. Basketball isn't a sport...
No one seemed to have an issue with Magic saying he hopes the Lakers lose every game. And it was ok for Boston to tank a few years ago. But it's not ok for the Sixers - so much so that they had to try to change how the draft works. Silver should come out and let us know which teams are allowed to tank, and which are not. A list would clear up a lot of the confusion here.
Kobe is such a dick of a human being. You could make the argument that the trash talk during practice is to prepare his teammates for similar game situations, except if that were the case, why the comments to Kupchak afterward? And he's complaining that the team doesn't practice hard enough after he....hasn't attended a practice for multiple weeks? I get that maybe he can't go hard for every practice, but if you give a shit about the team, isn't there some value you...
I was 100% sure when the Eagles traded up that they were going to take Thomas. As was pretty much every other Eagles fan with half a brain. Brandon Graham is finally showing something, but they ended up taking Nate Allen in the 2nd round at safety, and he's been a shit show. Both of their careers combined are never going to come close to Earl Thomas.Most of the crackdown on defensive backs this year that everyone hates is probably due to the Seahawks. They rode that...
Hard to believe the Eagles only lost that game by 10. That game was nowhere near as close as the score indicated. Also, the Seahawks really seem to be an unlikable organization all around, other than Wilson and Lynch. And finally, I will be pissed forever that the Eagles drafted Brandon Graham while Earl Thomas was sitting right there.
That had occurred to me. Fortunately, it came via USPS
It'll be inside the house, aimed through a window
I get it now!
Maybe. Not sure what to do to rattle her cage. I'll be moving in the next few months, so I'd prefer to just avoid any further damage to my property until then.Of course, there's the coincidence of packages having gone missing from my doorstep a few days later. I ordered a wifi surveillance camera; planning to put a few fake deliveries out there and see what happens.
New Posts  All Forums: