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Two comments:1. In person, it's not as bad as it looks online. In fact, I think to some extent it helps with the integration and flow of the case into the bracelet. It looks worse from the side than the top, where the angles are off and it does look a bit of a mess, but I can't say it bothers me at all day to day2. I'm not sure how, but I recently managed to put my first significant scratch on my SD. The first is always the worst . Anyway, due to the bracelet fitment,...
The big stat I haven't seen on the new SeaDweller is the thickness (though there's a lot of speculation over on TRF). One would assume, given the larger overall size of the watch, that it'd need to be thicker than the outgoing model in order to keep the same WR. Sounds like it does NOT have the Ti caseback of the DSSD. Only other way I can see for it to be thinner would be if the 32xx movements are substantially thinner than the 31xx...but I don't think that's the case.
Hah! On a more serious note, I don't understand why Rolex measurements are "off" on some of the models; will be interesting to see what the new Sea and Sky Dwellers actually measure. To your earlier post, I like the steel Sky Dweller quite a bit - just wish it were 40mm. I'm a fluted bezel fan on a 36MM DJ. Not sure I'll like it as much on a 42mm watch and have never looked too closely at the Sky Dweller, as there are many other options I'd prefer in the price range...
Welcome to the club!
I'm way late to the game re: the new Sea Dweller, but it's an interesting release to me. I figured I'd either love it and be annoyed that I just bought the 116600, or hate it and be ecstatic that I got in when I did. What I didn't expect was to feel both simultaneously! At 43mm, it's simply a non-starter for me - I find the outgoing 40mm to be my perfect size. I'm also against the cyclops, but not due to any allegiance to the cyclops-free history of the SD; I simply...
I get that meteorology is hard, lots of variables, yadda yadda yadda. But it seems that nowadays everyone's afraid of under-predicting what ends up being some massive snowstorm. It's to the point where I don't believe any of the forecasts. We were being told 12-18" or 18-24", depending on who you asked. Which, in my head, is translated to 4-6"
It would seem a bit too close to the DSSD, wouldn't it? The idea of a 42mm with a wider bracelet makes sense to me (not as something I'd be interested in, but in terms of filling the gap between Sub and DSSD).I suspect it's either a new size or a new movement for the SD (or both). If it was just a 50th anniversary version of the existing model with color tweaks, I don't see why they'd discontinue the current model.
Cyclops on the SD?? Hesitate to believe any of these rumors until we see what's actually released, but my jealousy of the red text would be more than offset by disappointment around the cyclops and 43mm size.
Details from when I measured the various colors
Exactly the info I was looking for - thanks! Any customs charges? Congrats and look forward to pictures of your incoming acquisition
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