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Just handled a new 257, and noticed that the laptop flap is made of a different, flimsier material. Is this a brand new change? The two main flaps are still twill, but the extra flap for the laptop (that also had the three pockets on it) is something else.
I actually think the battery life is better on my iPhone 5 post-update to iOS 9.
Good to hear, thanks!
Anyone know if Gustin made adjustments to the loomstates in the later run(s) of the original fabric? (Not sure how many there have been) I remember when the first pairs came out, they were sewn up way small and shrunk from there. Is that the case with all of them?
Finally, keys show as upper or lower case in the messaging app. How did it take so long for them to make this change?
Nope. My experience is that large slim work shirts are roomier in chest than large slim non- work shirts
Had my first chance to break out my newer (but also discontinued) version of the large travel - the 70081. It + my 257 were perfect for a 5 day business trip. I went with the otter green as well. I started off leaning toward tan Filson bags, but many of my newer ones have been otter. The bag styles with a lot of exposed zippers really look great with the green.
^Small pullman looks like it could be a winner. Meridian duffle looks to me like a downgrade from the medium travel bag in just about every way.
^Ha! Hasn't been so much with random strangers, but with coworkers and clients. Navy is a good match for the 258; the padding gives it the extra structure that's otherwise lacking with the navy twill, and as you mention, it blends in a bit better than tan in a business setting.
^The 258 is my answer there. Main downside is that the padding in the main compartment isn't necessary, but it's pretty minimal. I'd guess the 48 hour probably provides a little more space, but the 258 is make of twill rather than tin cloth, IMO looks better, and you save $10 . I've been using my Navy 258 for overnight business travel and get a ton of compliments. In fact, it's easily my most complimented Filson bag.
New Posts  All Forums: