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Love this. Have been looking at the equivalent 116234 (silver dial, batons, oyster bracelet), but not sold on the PCLs/polished case, and not a cyclops guy. Just wish this was available with fluted bezel!
Noel seems most likely of the centers to be traded. Edit - and yes, injured at the moment.
Did the NFL schedule the Vikes tonight because Bradford in an NFL uniform looks like a little kid dressed up for Halloween?
Thanks! Omega OEM, but I believe these originally came with the 42mm Planet Ocean. Originally was looking for tonal stitching for the Speedy, but this one was the exact color I was looking for and had great scales. Contrast stitching is growing on me quickly!
Didn't want the Speedy to feel neglected after the recent SDc acquisition, so I bought it a present!
Fair enough. But the form factor hasn't seen an upgrade since, what, 2012? It's kind of table stakes that the product will continue to evolve and that tech will physically shrink over time. The iPhone doesn't become 35% more expensive when it gets a redesign.
Every product Apple makes has been thin and light enough for the past 3-4 years. We're at the point where their unnecessary obsession with thin and light is leading to products that are needlessly expensive (MBP), less usable (worse keyboards, slicker phones), and have insufficient battery life (my iPhone 7 sometimes dies before 5:00).
It's not news that Apple is more expensive, but the extent of the "Apple Tax" is news. $2-300 more for a roughly equivalent machine would be no shock. A $500 increase in the base model that gets crushed on specs and requires a bunch of dongles for existing peripherals is crazy.I'm just frustrated because I came into this event looking forward to the decision between the MacBook and iMac, and I came out of it with neither option (no interest in MacBook at the price and no...
Costco has a 13" Dell XPS for $1599 (back in August, it was actually on sale for $1399). For $200 less than the base MacBook Pro, you get: A better processor (i7 vs i5) Twice the ram (16 GB vs 8) Twice the HDD (512 GB vs 256) A much higher resolution screen (3200x1800 vs 2560x1600) MacBook gets you a Touch Bar, though. Configure a 13" MBP with i7, 16 GB, 512 GB and it'll run you $2,499.
Didn't get to actually watch the event. Is the $1499 Pro basically just a glorified Air?
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