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Gah, I am such a bag whore. Just grabbed one of these - we'll see how it compares to a medium field bag + insert.Great pics.
Oh, I've been through that process several times. I agree that it's great. What I'd like to do is to duplicate EVERYTHING (apps, pics, contacts, text messages, etc.) across multiple devices, and have them all sync up during nightly backup. Not sure if that's possible or not, but......it sounds like maybe yes. Does it also sync your apps between iPhone and iPad? Not only data, but if you download a new app on one, will it add it to the other? If you change the...
^Good to hear icloud integration is working well for you. I'm curious if there's a way to set up multiple iOS devices so that they're all kept in sync? So for example, can I have my iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPad all sync every night so that everything I did on one (pics, app dowloads, etc.) ends up on the others? Obviously I need to research this more.
Would be nice, but they probably don't have much info for the majority - but info around year of production and whatnot would be interesting.Good point, and I'm sure it's necessary in some cases, but kind of a shame to lose the original hardware. I'd think it'd be the teeth that'd tend to wear out rather than the pull, but I'm not a zipper expert I know they still use the same zippers, just with the Filson logo, so presumably they could sew new teeth in and still use...
Took a closer look - at least four of the bags currently on the site have the "FILSON" marked zipper pulls, which suggest their "decades of rugged use" description is more than a bit generous. I don't know exact dates, but I think the switch from YKK marked to FILSON marked was somewhere in the last 5-10 years. I don't see any of the bags sporting the old Talon zippers.
I'd never buy one, but I enjoy looking at well-used Filson bags. Though the stitching on many of the fixes seems somewhat excessive - I wonder if this is consistent with their "normal" work, or if they go overboard on these, given the (presumed) target audience.
Hard to defend this episode. At least Beth's ep had the payoff of her taking out the creepy cop. This week, we thought we were FINALLY going to see some shit go down, only to get back to where we already were three weeks ago.
You know things are bad when you start wondering what Izel Jenkins is up to these days.
Meh. It's gotta be by far the biggest selling phone, right? I mean Android might have more market share as a whole, but that's split between so many different carriers/models. Anyway, I didn't stop using mine because I was afraid it was gonna bend. I stopped using it because it's just too goddamn big. After a couple of months of trying to warm up to it, it still pissed me off every day.
Well, mine is definitely not going to bend, because I switched back to a 5 a couple of days ago. I'm confident the 6 can withstand the pressures of sitting in a drawer.
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