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To me, it's the hour hand. Minute hand is three minutes short of the hour when the hour hand is aligned.
Well, that's a design element that I was aware of going in . I'm referring to a potential quality control issue with this particular watch.
Stowa is back, this time with the correct dial, but with another potential issue. Without mentioning what it is, is there anything related to this watch that would bother you?
^That's a beauty! Details?
Thanks - my wrist is just over 6.5" (the big watch craze is not for me). I know that watch will look ok (shout out to @DLJr for letting me try his on at the NY trunk show a while back), just think I should have gone for the short version of the strap. Will have to decide whether to order another, or if I can get a hole added.
Nice - can't wait to see it on the croc! I went with the black/brown with cream stitching, but am a bit worried it'll be too large for my wrist. We'll see....
Which version of the strap did you choose? I have the opposite problem - I've got the croc strap, but not the MO!I'd ended up deciding on the roman numeral/polished MO, as I wanted to dress it up a bit. And the fact that it still came with the old logo (my preference) played a significant part, as well. I'd verified that mine would come with the old logo, but it unfortunately arrived with the new. Fortunately, Stowa did have a dial with the old logo available, and...
Looks great; my own flieger should be arriving today! I recently bought an MO direct from Stowa, and a flieger came up on eBay for a good price the other day. So much for brand diversity
Thanks, basically confirms my suspicion. She'd never be outside unattended, just worried about whether the collar would be enough of a distraction to keep her from bolting across the street if she sees a squirrel/rabbit/deer on the other side.
Invisible fences, yes or no? I may finally be moving to a place with an about an acre of land. Bunch of people have recommended them, but I'm having a tough time being convinced it's a good/reliable idea.
New Posts  All Forums: