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Thanks to @cyc wid it! Decided to dip my toe into the DJ pool with a 16220; added bonus - leaves more funds available for when the right Pepsi comes along! Just a biiiiit lighter on the wrist than the SD.
Exactly. This is the sort of value I'd have expected for Okafor (who Sixers are now apparently keeping - ), not Noel
My understanding is top 18 protected, then becomes two seconds. So, two seconds. Not sure if there's some way even those go away.And the Sixers already had 14 second rounders over the next 5 years
Fucking Colangelo. What a shit trade.
Oh JoJo
And this trade is even better for the Sixers than the Okafor trade would have been (given swap rights this year and the 2019 unprotected first).
Massive potential with injury concerns - knowing what we know present day, every GM in the league would draft with the pick Sixers used:Joel EmbiidBen SimmonsNo longer on the team because they've been traded for current players and/or future assets (net postive for Sixers):Elfrid Payton - traded to Magic in exchange for Dario Saric (depending on who you ask, either 2nd or 3rd in ROY race this year), and getting our 2017 1st back from the Magic. Fantastic trade for...
Which picks have outright sucked other than Okafor?
This picture makes me uncomfortable
I agree with you 100% regarding the wider bracelet/lug width. For me, the dislike of the thicker lugs isn't primarily due to the more squared off appearance, it's that the bracelet ends up looking somewhat insubstantial against the chunkier case.
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