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I'm pretty on board with both of them for the time being. Ruben Amaro is the problem.
"It took us almost two years of sampling with factories from Chicago to Portland to Dallas to Seattle to find one that was able to produce the quality of bags we wanted." FTFY
Came to post the same. Poor form.
I cannot more strongly take back the above comment regarding positive experience with Filson CS.
That's from 1999
Shady getting traded to the Bills for Kiko Alonso. If Alonso's healed from the ACL, I like this (pending what the Eagles do with all the cap space they just freed up, and the extra they'll get when they likely let Demeco Ryans go).
Conversation with the husband was good as well. No need to drag it out with a bunch of dialog - we all know based on the little that we saw that Rick's taking this guy out sometime soon.
Also, was that a S&W model 41 (.22) they handed Glenn when they went out on patrol?
Last night's episode was definitely a step in the right direction. An example of a good episode without much zombie interaction. I took Carol's actions as a front - she doesn't trust the place, and wants to be viewed as what she was, rather than what she is now. You could tell from the start when she acted like she had trouble removing her rifle.
The early 80's was the pinnacle of many things, and sports team uniform design was one of those things.
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