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Thanks all. Thoughts/advice noted and appreciated.      So would you suggest trying a lighter shade? (Pictures would be a great help.)  
      Thanks for your comments. Where would you start re folding?
  Look, I'm trying to get this right. Doesn't the effort of even asking for help deserve some good will? You of all people could be very helpful to a newcomer to this scene, such as myself. Your input (in addition to the above, which I have noted) would be appreciated. Colour for example....
I'm having trouble finding a pocket square to go with the outfit in the pictures below. Apologies for the pictures - the colour of the suit is hard to see. It has more navy in it than it appears. Was in a rush so just threw everything on - knot and folds are sloppy, I know! Believe it or not, white is not right in this case. Of the two I think the blue works the best. In two minds about the green.                Any suggestions?
About to buy some C&J Hallams. A question regarding fit: On an oxford, should the two sides of the shoe (where the lace holes are) come together to cover the entire tongue? Or is a bit of a V common?
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