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Hey Guys,     I so wanted to like these but they are just too small!  They’re a size 12E and I need a 12.5E…  The boots actually fit fine, and IMO are true to size, but the lace-to-toe feature is too extreme for my toes, and they don’t feel as comfortable as other boots I have, thus making them closet queens!  I got them about a year ago and have literally only worn them about 10 times.  My loss, your gain!  Anyway, on to the specs: Custom Built 10” Wesco Jobmasters...
Anyone have any pics or info on the Stockton engineer boots? They look great but I need more info before making a firm decision between them, Red Wing and the White's Nomad. Thanks in advance!
"My" guy is in Elkin, NC; Foot-Heels Shoe & Boot Repair. He does great work and is super-reasonable. Probably too far for you but another NC source if you (or anyone else) need one!
Much better, D!
Much better, D!
Just to add to the ongoing sizing confusion, I'm the same size in AE as herrmj but my 1k boots are 11.5 and fit great. The difference is our sock choice; I wear my 1k's with a thin dress sock or a mid weight merino wool sock, nothing heavy.
Those look like Wolverine 1000 Mile Addison boots to me...
I would love to have them all, but for those of you on the fence I suggest rust. I've got that color and they work well for me with jeans or khakis. For a second pair I think I'll get a bit snazzy and go for some 2-tone Addisons!
Me too, but it could just be the angle of the photo. I like the build, and assuming the heel height suits bl@ster all is well. Can you give us some fit pics, bl@ster?
Good stuff, natels! I love that color! Hope you enjoy them as much as I have my rust-colored 1k's!
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