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Hey All...I apologize in advance if this is a re-hash or something like that.  I am looking for a belt that I can change the buckle on.  After reviewing a lot of threads on here, specifically the Best Belt Brands thread, I found that W. Kleinberg in Georgia has something that I would consider highly.  However, after a ton of google searches, I found a new website, Saddlebackleather.com, that seems to have high quality belts and stuff, the kind I am looking for, for half...
Hey All, my name is Jay, and I found this forum after looking for a quality leather belt where I can change the buckle.  I've thought about buying one for years, but after seeing the stuff from marshalls and other placed where the backs rip off and it looks like junk after 6 to 9 months, I decided to look for something better, thus why I am here.  Thank you!
Hey All, I apologize if this has been hashed already...I was reading through this forum, and researched a lot of these manufacturers that were mentioned...if nothing else, W. Kleinberg will be my choice, but I was wondering if anyone hear had heard of Saddleback Leather.  I am looking for a belt where I can change the buckle, one that I'll have for several years at least and that will look good during that time.  Any suggestions?
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