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The last one is with Denny 
RRL New York and Hamptons tour                        
Its a "US property" Waltham A17, the watchband is not the original, but NOS. Its been dated on the 1944-1945 period
Yes, most of them bought in RRL stores
This is the third one: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=29875046&origkw=rrl+midland&kw=rrl+midland&parentPage=search
Here are some accessories:      
Here are some of my best RRL vintage outfits:                                  
Here is a pic of the fall 2014 showroom, there is a moto jacket...is on the pdf? Or there is only the one you posted...
RRL A2 JACKET                       
MiniRalph and me   Jacket: Langlitz Leathers Padded Cascade vintage 1960... T-shirt: RRL western Belt: RRL Studded belt Jeans: RRL Slim fit Midland wash 2  
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