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How do I post a classified?  I want to sell something. Ezra  
Yeah I did the same... was hoping that the medium would be ok.  =[   Know anyone selling a small?  haha
I got the black which was more like dark gray which was fine.   The fit runs a good full size larger.  The arms are long and the waist area is large... if you just go a size down it will be perfect.
I got it and I loved it.  I knew it ran large and I usually wear medium and I got the medium and it is just way too big.   For that price I needed it to fit correctly.  If they ever make more small sizes I would totally buy.   If i can buy from someone I would as well!
Thanks for the 411. I think this will be perfect for my short commutes in Seattle.   Ordering it!
Was wondering if anyone has the Outlier Storm King Parka and what their thoughts on it were?   A bit hesitant to spend that amount of money for something that isn't 100% waterproof.   Thanks!
How does that compare to US Medium?
Damn... wrong size
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