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Those peake lapels are really high, hope i can pull it off.
Im wondering about the Washington shoulders, is it much padding? Which suits have minimal/none padding? 1.Sienna 2.Jort 3.Copenhagen 4.Havanna Napoli has a big junk of padding so i had to return it.
How is the shoulder padding on the lazio? They say that Napoli is lightly padded but it has a big chunk of it.
If I look at the tracking number I can see that there was supposed to be a second package that never was picked up from UPS. That's all they need to know. I'm not responsible and I shouldn't be the one to blame for Suitsupplys or UPS mistake. I won't post anymore, but I will however come back if I get the refund.
Been waiting over 2weeks for the refund for the suit that they never shipped! If I did not ship a product that a customer paid for and then the customer asked for a refund instead of reshipping I would have refunded it right away. This is not a customer who has changed their minds or wasn't happy with the product they never shipped it!Keeps getting the same replies, but no refund.:Dear ******, Thank you for your message.We will refund you immediately. Can we arrange a...
How long does it usually take to get a refund? I've been waiting over 12 days. My suit never showed up and then I told them to just refund the money. Today I received a couple of double monks that were faulty and probably used or tested before. Hope i don't have to wait 11days more for that as well. They have such good reviews but it feels like I have been unlucky so far. Hopefully they sort this up.
Apparently they do ship to Sweden but they charge 150$, yes 150$ for shipping costs. I emailed him to confirm it. Most sites in US take about 5-25$. But can't complain on their customer service, the guy replied within 30sec, both times! Apparently the regular site almost take the same rates. So it's a lost hope on Allen edmonds for me, even later this year. No one's pays 150$ for shipping that's just principles.
We're do I find the shoe bank? When I Googled it it was just an outlet in us. I live in Sweden I'm afraid.
I have found a couple of ae for 150$. Problem is that the size is 11A and i have 11D. I have a tight budget since I'm building a new wardrobe and i was wondering if they still will fit or be totally useless. What do you guys think. Otherwise I will go with Ct shirts shoes.
You could definetly were that with jeans. How durable is the oxblood brogue in rain /snow like weather? It seem to have a big rubber sole.
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