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Anyone have any suggestions about Washington vs Lazio fit?    The Lazio fits me great, im a 54. I also have a Sienne which needs some corrections but its fits OK. I would like to try out the washington or the washington half. Any one tried on both or have any suggestions about which size i should get?   If i look in the size chart it seems to only be 1cm different in the chest and the rest of the measurements are pretty much the same.
Those peake lapels are really high, hope i can pull it off.
Im wondering about the Washington shoulders, is it much padding? Which suits have minimal/none padding? 1.Sienna 2.Jort 3.Copenhagen 4.Havanna Napoli has a big junk of padding so i had to return it.
How is the shoulder padding on the lazio? They say that Napoli is lightly padded but it has a big chunk of it.
If I look at the tracking number I can see that there was supposed to be a second package that never was picked up from UPS. That's all they need to know. I'm not responsible and I shouldn't be the one to blame for Suitsupplys or UPS mistake. I won't post anymore, but I will however come back if I get the refund.
Been waiting over 2weeks for the refund for the suit that they never shipped! If I did not ship a product that a customer paid for and then the customer asked for a refund instead of reshipping I would have refunded it right away. This is not a customer who has changed their minds or wasn't happy with the product they never shipped it!Keeps getting the same replies, but no refund.:Dear ******, Thank you for your message.We will refund you immediately. Can we arrange a...
How long does it usually take to get a refund? I've been waiting over 12 days. My suit never showed up and then I told them to just refund the money. Today I received a couple of double monks that were faulty and probably used or tested before. Hope i don't have to wait 11days more for that as well. They have such good reviews but it feels like I have been unlucky so far. Hopefully they sort this up.
Apparently they do ship to Sweden but they charge 150$, yes 150$ for shipping costs. I emailed him to confirm it. Most sites in US take about 5-25$. But can't complain on their customer service, the guy replied within 30sec, both times! Apparently the regular site almost take the same rates. So it's a lost hope on Allen edmonds for me, even later this year. No one's pays 150$ for shipping that's just principles.
We're do I find the shoe bank? When I Googled it it was just an outlet in us. I live in Sweden I'm afraid.
I have found a couple of ae for 150$. Problem is that the size is 11A and i have 11D. I have a tight budget since I'm building a new wardrobe and i was wondering if they still will fit or be totally useless. What do you guys think. Otherwise I will go with Ct shirts shoes.
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