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 bump thx guys ;)
i'm searching for this piece:     its from the hilfiger runway collection 2012 and cost about 400 euro that time..   please help me. I could not find it so far...
[[SPOILER]]   zara shirt from a small shop in la (i can't remember the name anymore, but I love the quality, its 3 years old and feels like a new one) timberlands (i know you guys hate the shoes... I like them especially in summer)   feedback pls :)
yeah they look great... but honestly... its pretty expensive and I can't find them used!
Thx!   These are the cheapest...   And I'm always scared of fakes...   I would prefer a same style! For example epos milano has same...   This was posted by another user... I'm searching the same style... but <150$ if possible!   Thanks in advance!
I'm searching for Kevin spaceys la confidental glasses   + I love the last posted one from tom squared!
[[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]         chelsea boots brown leather gray zara jeans slimfit black basic vneck
  hey!   Thank you so much! Do you also know a european shop that sells these kind of boots? probably a little bit darker? they are also brown ;)
I'm searching for boots (leather) that are nice for tighter jeans/chinos/etc. (black, grey, darker denim probably)   I've bought one pair recently in brown   The shoe is great, but fits more elegant clothing! I would like to have something for the "street" :D Probably some washed out leather (black, dark grey or something like that and a timeless piece!   It doesn't need to be a chelsea...
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