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 Keeping weight of is 10% exercise and 90% attitude. No amount of running will help when you cave and eat two cheeseburgers per day.
Agree"Losing weight of any kind is basically calories in, calories out. So long as your protein intake is okay it doesn't matter if your carb/fat intake is fudged a little, so eat what tastes good and is practical for you.  Tips for losing weight: - Calculate your maintenance calories. Remove 500 calories from this number to lose 1lb a week.  - Try to get 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight a day"
No doubt HEALTH is WEALTH.I m quite health conscious so i tried my best to eats healthy and doing stuff which don't me harmful for me in present or future.We should engage our selves in some kind of physical workouts or exercise,control our diet,manage our eating habits and body checkup on proper time sequence.
Just please don't go to crossfit gyms... The only crossfitters I've been able to stand are the ones that do it in their garage/at their normal gyms...Ex-cops cheering you on while you vomit doesn't really sound like my idea of a good work-out. I know people that have good results alternating crossfit with more traditional lifting, though
I'm about 6'3" and still growing at age 25. A "good height" for a man is a height that allows him to see either under a skirt, or down a blouse without too much effort. In between kinda sucks.
the only reason why the paleo diet is a good diet is because the foods it advocates just happen to food good for you, not because the reasoning behind those foods are sound.
My gym is close to my house, so if it's in the morning I go to the gym and then go back home. There have been times in the evening that I'll go straight to the gym after work.
working a bit is better than not working at all personal trainer at the gym talked to me for my whole workout because his client didn't show, distracted me and ended up taking like 4-5 minutes break in between sets of squats. fuck, that wasn't in limerick form.
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