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Thanks for your reply. Maybe I am unlucky. I've purchased computer components and had them shipped to my apartment building. Of 4 packages ordered 3 months ago, only 2 have made it to me. Tracking on the missing items just states that it has been cleared for delivery in manila,, but have never recieved the slip to pick it up. Tried calling with the numbers on the website but they are all either disconnected or unattended. I've even visited the Makati post office to...
  Thanks for your response! I will have to check out The Secret Armory Bespoke. For shoes, I think I will just wait until I next leave the country. I haven't had much luck with reliable delivery of items in this country. Customs are slow. and so far, only 50% of the packages have actually come through.
My,my. What a great thread! Thanks for all of the great information. Here in Manila on business. My favourite suit is getting close to retirement and want to have it copied. I will head down to cornells and get it done. Is it best if I leave the suit with him to copy? Or will he just take measurements?
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