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 That is a fantastic find!  I just contacted them.  
Thanks for the replies.  How do people go about soliciting the help of a proxy?   Thank you for suggesting the BB shoes.  I actually came across those recently (and may purchase them in black).  However, I have some C&J in that same reddish brown and it's not quite red enough for their intended role.  
Hi everyone!   I don't post very often, but I lurk... and I've really become enamored of the Courtenay in antique burgundy.  Unfortunately, they are difficult to find (and have been for the last several months).  I believe they are carried by the C&J store in France, and I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to get a pair from them - they do not offer mail ordering.  I live in the US, and the C&J store in New York has offered to charge me $1200 for the...
Hey guys, I've lurked for a while, and created a profile in order to buy and sell stuff.  Nice to be here.
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