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Please excuse the pictures. One of my first stops was at one of my retail stores in the entire back part it was the the cleanest bit. Poor pair of employees but it seems that I am too busy trying to figure out this suit mess to change them.
I will be returning the shirt and will most likely be getting a blue one but I might just go with white to be on the safe side.   As for the shoes I will be returning them as well. I agree some plain oxfords are my best bet especially since I am just starting out.   I will have to work with the suit so any more suggestions on improving this outfit? I will upload a picture of the suit itself tomorrow. In hopes to settle the completely off-topic debate it is semi-formal so...
I didn't want to blow three grand on a suit and shoes without even knowing my style so these are not top of the line items.   Any help would be appreciated.
Greetings!   As you can see I am new to these forums but have been stalking them for the past few weeks as I attempt to build a adequate wardrobe for the business world.   Withing two weeks I will be attending a formal event in which I would like to look great with the suit I have purchased. I need a second opinion since I am still very new and have yet to build a sense of "style"   I will be wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit very similar to the colors in...
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