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A pair of dark-wash Earnest Sewn Hutch or Filson jeans might also be up your alley. I think one of the Filson variants is a rigid selvage, which sounds close to what you'd like. Of course, the other suggestions are on the money too.
Pink American Apparel polo shirt Seven bootcut cords CK omega belt bare feet, because I'm relaxing in my apartment
Stick to weekdays from 10 to about 3, or Saturday mornings shortly after opening. Weekdays from 5 to 7 are the worst times to go.
Interesting. I'm an idiot when it comes to anything chemical-related, so good to know how the process works.
Jeans were made for blue-collar workers. Nowadays, that's an overgeneralization, and they come in all types. Designer brands like PDC, Nudie, APC and the like are as valid as good ole Levi's and Wranglers. To say otherwise is like saying wearing Norfolk jackets are acceptable only when shooting grouse. That said, I've never paid more than $100 for a pair of jeans, including hemming. (I bought a pair of GTOs at full price once, but returned them when I found them on sale...
My PDC resin-prep SLMs bled onto my white Nikes--mostly from rain, snow, what have you--but I think they've stopped. In any case, I don't particularly care because I don't like bright white sneaks. The vinegar method seems like your best bet.
In addition to the others, there are also the PDC Icon and the Seven Relaxed (I bought a size 28 of the latter for my brother for Christmas).
What they said. Use that as an opener, and talk with her for a bit. Who cares if she mentioned BR? Most women aren't up on men's fashion anyway, so they don't have much of a point of reference. Most guys don't know much about women's fashion either. BTW, what's HB9+?
From the looks of it, I think the Rescue Jeans are exactly what I'm looking for. They'll definitely be my next purchase.
Thanks, and I may go that route for my next phone. My only concern is that the phones for one service might not be compatible with the Internet service of another (ie, whether a Razr or Sony P910 would work with T-Zones). I've seen dozens upon dozens of those independent phone stores around here, so I'll ask them.
New Posts  All Forums: