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In addition to the others, there are also the PDC Icon and the Seven Relaxed (I bought a size 28 of the latter for my brother for Christmas).
What they said. Use that as an opener, and talk with her for a bit. Who cares if she mentioned BR? Most women aren't up on men's fashion anyway, so they don't have much of a point of reference. Most guys don't know much about women's fashion either. BTW, what's HB9+?
From the looks of it, I think the Rescue Jeans are exactly what I'm looking for. They'll definitely be my next purchase.
Thanks, and I may go that route for my next phone. My only concern is that the phones for one service might not be compatible with the Internet service of another (ie, whether a Razr or Sony P910 would work with T-Zones). I've seen dozens upon dozens of those independent phone stores around here, so I'll ask them.
What about this American Apparel one?
What about this American Apparel one?
Quote: If you are on TMobile or Cingular/AT&T, which use the GSM system, you can purchase an "unlocked" GSM phone and use it freely on either network. The phones that they sell are usually locked to their network and cannot be used on another provider's network unless you get it unlocked, which may void the warranty but is not likely to cause any other ill effects. Does this mean that (with unlocking) any Cingular phone will work on T-Mobile's network...
I remember the first time I heard him: my friends and I were driving down to Florida, and one of us popped Strategic Grill Locations in the CD player. By the time he got to the pet cemetary/"We are the world" joke, we had to pull over because we were laughing so hard. "If you're flammable and you have legs, you're never blocking a fire exit."
Quote: For you folks in Atlanta, it is the Mayfair on the corner of 14th/Juniper. One or two of my friends live there. It's quite nice, and the view of midtown from the balcony is excellent.
Thanks, Brian. I guess I'll just get a pair of dry selvage RRs (though LA Guy's argument for the greycast has merit too). Hopefully I'll be happier with them than with the pair of Levi's 517s I bought on sale for $24. The rise is too high and the cut generally not that great. Coupled with the crappy quality of the denim, I don't wear them more than once every couple of weeks, and obviously not enough to get good fade/wear patterns.
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