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Quote: Wow, has PDC changed their rear pocket stitching?  The J-stitch thingee seems to be a lot more obvious (cuts farther into the middle of the pocket). No, the J-stitch looks pretty much the same. It's great that PDC still makes the GTO 1-year. Most stores now seem to stock only the newer washes.
I dig shallower pockets too. Stuffing my cell phone down my PDC Icon pockets feels uncomfortable and creates more of a weird bulge, whereas putting it in my Seven jeans' pockets isn't nearly as irritating. Of course, I hate carrying lots of stuff to begin with. My ideal is: phone in my GTOs' coin pocket, keys in one of the pockets, wallet in the back, end of story.
Well, it's closer to $700, but seriously, that's some dumb-ass pricing for a mediocre jacket. And it may be bad luck, but I've never seen a PDC top that wasn't too baggy.
Just curious, but which came first: Paper Denim's Icon jeans or the main Rogan model? I was under the impression that the former was the start of slash-pocket jeans.
When I first saw those at the APC store, I wondered why the hell they put women's denim "trousers" in the men's section. They're not jeans, but they're not regular pants. They're just wrong.
The stress-free jeans feel way too unnaturally stiff, and their hand is too brittle. The 1969 jeans don't feel terrible, but not premium either. The Gap washes range from ho-hum to not bad, so while they're not Earnest Sewn, they're not True Religion either.
I agree that jeans and shiny leather shoes don't mix, but was wondering if one can self-distress the latter at home. Until I get the coin to drop on Varvatos boots, I might experiment with an old pair of brown ankle boots. Suggestions?
I have no problem with the cheap plastic flip-flop, which has its purpose. When I'm running to the corner store in spring/summer, it's cool. But tromping around city streets all day in it leads only to blackened soles, not to mention god knows what kinds of nasty germs. Moreover, this is my personal opinion, but pricey leather flip-flops are more than a bit much. Spend the $100+ on a more practical pair of footwear.
Wearing them at college is one thing (though it wasn't mine), but how guys and girls wear them all day in the city is beyond me.
Their movie reviews, and arts in general, are my favorite part of the site. Eric Boehlert's reporting is also excellent. Salon's been around since at least 1996, but they started charging around 2001 or so. I used to have a subscription, back when it was $35, but since they bumped it up to $50 (and changed their editorial tone, to be honest), I haven't renewed it. I still read it every day via their SitePass, however. Given that the site's bled so much money since its...
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