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I agree that jeans and shiny leather shoes don't mix, but was wondering if one can self-distress the latter at home. Until I get the coin to drop on Varvatos boots, I might experiment with an old pair of brown ankle boots. Suggestions?
I have no problem with the cheap plastic flip-flop, which has its purpose. When I'm running to the corner store in spring/summer, it's cool. But tromping around city streets all day in it leads only to blackened soles, not to mention god knows what kinds of nasty germs. Moreover, this is my personal opinion, but pricey leather flip-flops are more than a bit much. Spend the $100+ on a more practical pair of footwear.
Wearing them at college is one thing (though it wasn't mine), but how guys and girls wear them all day in the city is beyond me.
Their movie reviews, and arts in general, are my favorite part of the site. Eric Boehlert's reporting is also excellent. Salon's been around since at least 1996, but they started charging around 2001 or so. I used to have a subscription, back when it was $35, but since they bumped it up to $50 (and changed their editorial tone, to be honest), I haven't renewed it. I still read it every day via their SitePass, however. Given that the site's bled so much money since its...
I subscribe to Esquire's suggestion about jewelry: one watch, one ring, and that's it (and I don't even have the latter). Besides, I generally find that anything around my neck tends to feel too heavy, no matter how light it is.
The pair in the picture is the Filson straight-leg in the rigid selvedge denim (the XX). The Fillmore is an AG jean. EDIT: Totally my bad. According to the ES Web site, the Filson is now the Fillmore. To be honest, right now the Earnest Sewn inventory confuses me: there's the Hutch bootcut, the Filson/Fillmore straight-leg, the Hemingway full, the Rollins full straight, the Walken military pocket ...
Easy Sunday afternoon: Heather-grey UWF T-shirt with green Argonaut mascot (my fave) Well-worn PDC ICNs in Clone CK black belt White 30th anniversary Nike Cortez Gap black double-zip hoodie
Whenever the blades start to pull on my skin. Depending on whether I simply shave with the grain or shave with, re-lather and shave against, it takes anywhere from four to eight uses before I chuck the cartridge.
Quote: PDC GTO jeans, possibly with 1-year wash, though I've had them for so long I forgot.  I don't feel like taking my pants off to check out the tag either. Grey American Apparel hoodie A generic brown belt with a belt buckle in the shape of a tape. White Nike Cortez's That's scary. I'm wearing the exact same thing (well, except for the tape-shaped belt buckle).
Quote: I still consider to be the best of the *mainstream* jeans, despite some very, very ill advised washes and changes in their lineup (I have a feeling that they are self destructing like the Lakers, my poor Lakers.)   Like the Ripper wash? (Exempt are the really cool weird stuff, like the jeans with the shadow of a fence on them.) I'm also still a fan of PDCs, but I'm curious: when did Scott Morrison leave the company and why? Also, has anyone...
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