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Quote: You could try They have some Ralfs on sale for 80 euros + s/h Those aren't dry though.
They're going for a Chucks look, but they're more expensive. I'd take the real thing. Even if they're everywhere--and they are for good reason.
Quote: It's old stock.  As far as I know, the cut/wash has been discontinued. Yeah, it's a shame. But I'm moving onto other brands, and I've still got my two GTO 1-years.
Quote: So is the easy way to spot selvedge is the single-line stitching on yours? Do all non-selvedge have this wide "ladder" stitching? The easiest way to spot selvedge is the neat white trim, along with the redline/greenline/what have you running through it. And not all non-selvedge has that stitching. Earnest Sewn, for example, has a two-color double-needle seam. A pair of cheap 517s I bought simply has two versions of PDC's outseam (don't know...
Quote: Wow, has PDC changed their rear pocket stitching?  The J-stitch thingee seems to be a lot more obvious (cuts farther into the middle of the pocket). No, the J-stitch looks pretty much the same. It's great that PDC still makes the GTO 1-year. Most stores now seem to stock only the newer washes.
I dig shallower pockets too. Stuffing my cell phone down my PDC Icon pockets feels uncomfortable and creates more of a weird bulge, whereas putting it in my Seven jeans' pockets isn't nearly as irritating. Of course, I hate carrying lots of stuff to begin with. My ideal is: phone in my GTOs' coin pocket, keys in one of the pockets, wallet in the back, end of story.
Well, it's closer to $700, but seriously, that's some dumb-ass pricing for a mediocre jacket. And it may be bad luck, but I've never seen a PDC top that wasn't too baggy.
Just curious, but which came first: Paper Denim's Icon jeans or the main Rogan model? I was under the impression that the former was the start of slash-pocket jeans.
When I first saw those at the APC store, I wondered why the hell they put women's denim "trousers" in the men's section. They're not jeans, but they're not regular pants. They're just wrong.
The stress-free jeans feel way too unnaturally stiff, and their hand is too brittle. The 1969 jeans don't feel terrible, but not premium either. The Gap washes range from ho-hum to not bad, so while they're not Earnest Sewn, they're not True Religion either.
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