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My dog barfed on my unwashed R&Bs. If I spray Febreeze on them, will that hide the smell enough?
Quote: Sidecar: Brandy, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, ice (or not) Good call. My first choice for mixed drinks is a Manhattan (rye, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, twist); second is a sidecar. If the bar looks like it hasn't heard of either, then a gin and tonic. After hanging out at Freeman's in the LES, however, I've been turned onto Perfect Manhattans. Odd place for bartenders who love old(-fashioned) cocktails, but Tim and Louis know their...
The shows are first and foremost about generating flash and giving buyers and the press an idea of what the season's look will be. But a lot of designs make it from show to store--after changing to some degree. I can't find the article now, but the piece I'm thinking of discussed this very phenomenon. One example it cited was a Gucci/Versace/therebouts python jacket that was converted to a less expensive material for retail. Sometimes the cut or length or other aspect is...
Not bad. Not my thing, but if you dig them, cool. The flare looks fine, but it's hard to tell from that angle. Kent, in all likelihood he got an original hem.
APC's Web site
Quote: By looking at the dog you would think that it was blind and sick: it's not though. Horrible teeth, afew odd strands of hair, horrible eyes. Can you put a dog on the Wigamore diet?
$25+tip at Chelsea Barbers. But I don't get anything that requires spending more than that. If I were slightly more confident about it, I'd just cut my own hair. FWIW, I'm spending about $15 down here in NC, tip included.
Quote: The J. Crew seersucker are exactly what I'm looking for but does anyone else make anything similar? $50 is a good price but I imagine the quality to be abysmal, as with all other J. Crew merchandise I've encountered. I dunno man. For streetwear purposes, J.Crew's stuff would fit the bill quality-wise. Moreover, I've found that the quality most of their stuff is decent-to-good at their pricepoints. Nothing likely to fall apart after repeated...
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