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What do people think of Romney? He's gotten an awful lot of hype the past couple of weeks/months, and his beating Allen in the South is really intriguing. He basically tied or beat McCain too, if you assume most of the W votes were for the latter.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Have they got any left? Check the buying and selling forum. According to Chris, they're coming back soon ...
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Would love to see how yours are turning out. I'm considering another Rag & Bone purchase, if they make something slightly thinner than the 6b (I think the 11s is). Sure thing, when I can get my hands on a digicam. And I dunno if their jeans come any lighter than 11.5oz, but doesn't hurt to e-mail them.
Yeah, I've noticed that in a fair number of S/S lines. Then again, they kinda never went away: the ES Milk Blue, various 7FAM, the always godawful True Religion and Abercrombie light washes have been around for a while. I'll stick to the dark-to-medium spectrum, thanks, with an exception for my PDC Tates.
What purpose does ozone have in treating jeans? Nathan Bogle told me in an e-mail that my RB2s have Quote: a very slight rinse and some resin/ozone applied to them
That is the greatest sight my eyes have seen in the past couple of days.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G These jeans are so thin that I'm not expecting anything drastic, should turn out great though. They're looking pretty good right now, and they'll wear better than you think. Oddly enough, I've found that my RBs are showing wear a lot faster than my RRLs, despite: having had them for far less time wearing them a lot less often not wearing them nearly as intensely Only thing I hadn't anticipated was how the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Quirk I think objective, politically-impartial analysis cannot help but lead to the conclusion that the greatest culpability for this whole debacle rests with a horny, veracity-challenged ex-president and his venomous power-hungry first-term Senator wife. Um, what? I was actually discussing the Dubai deal with a fellow political junkie, and he said that ultimate culpability for the mess lies with Bush. It makes...
Congrats! With that bedhead, he's well on his way towards joining the Streetwear forum ...
Interestingly, the site doesn't mention their store in the UES (71st St, by Madison, I think). I'd imagine service there is as helpful as the Mercer St spot.
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