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What purpose does ozone have in treating jeans? Nathan Bogle told me in an e-mail that my RB2s have Quote: a very slight rinse and some resin/ozone applied to them
That is the greatest sight my eyes have seen in the past couple of days.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G These jeans are so thin that I'm not expecting anything drastic, should turn out great though. They're looking pretty good right now, and they'll wear better than you think. Oddly enough, I've found that my RBs are showing wear a lot faster than my RRLs, despite: having had them for far less time wearing them a lot less often not wearing them nearly as intensely Only thing I hadn't anticipated was how the...
Congrats! With that bedhead, he's well on his way towards joining the Streetwear forum ...
Interestingly, the site doesn't mention their store in the UES (71st St, by Madison, I think). I'd imagine service there is as helpful as the Mercer St spot.
Nice wear and tear.
Had no idea the (co-)proprietor of Freemans was the Taavo of the eponymous T-shirts. Never paid the latter much mind, but Freemans was one of my favorite bars for a long time. Good food, like the devils on horseback, and at least two of the bartenders there made excellent cocktails. Sadly, last time I was there a couple of months ago, my ex and I were sorely disappointed with our drinks. Hopefully, it was just a bad night. In any case, I think I'll stop by FSC sometime...
Plain white v-neck shirt (Unbarfed-on) RB2s Brown belt Black Chucks
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahaz I'd say buy your dog some kind of cool dog costume but then barf all over it, and then force him to wear it unwashed for the next couple of months. Also spray him with febreeze every now and again. But will the costume develop cool distressing?
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy hhaha-- the advantage of being on here for 4 years and posting slowly!!! Amen to that. I'm lucky if I lost 100 posts.
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