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Just curious. I know that Bush fils wears Oxxford clothing, but does anyone know what suits and shoes previous modern presidents have worn? Also, what brand of suits does Colin Powell wear? He looks pretty authoritative in his double breasted suits.
Mostly previous seasons' designer clothes, although the vintage Savile Row shops sound rather interesting. Do you know about how much the latter's wares cost?
Just wondering if anyone can list any good thrift shops to check out in London. I'll be headed there to study for a couple of months, and would like to wear more than the usual American college kid duds (you know the usual suspects). Thanks.
Hi all, First time poster here. I recently bought a new pair of leather-soled shoes, but the soles are still pretty slick, and make walking down the street a somewhat dangerous proposition. What's the best way to add some grip/traction to them so I don't slip and slide all over the place? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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