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Quote: Is there a historical precedent for this, or is just 'one of those things'? Don't most accounts say that the Duke of Windsor created the DB dinner jacket as a more casual alternative to the standard SB, since the former didn't require a vest or cummerbund? Sorta along the lines of the softer pleat-front shirt versus the older bib-front model? I may be way off my rocker, but that's my guess.
Quote: The double breasted suit is actually considered less formal than the single breasted suit. The cherished DB may be more chic than an SB, but it is less formal. That's interesting. I would have thought that a double-breasted suit would be more formal than a two-piece single-breasted suit, but perhaps more informal than a three-piece SB. I know that a DB dinner jacket is less formal than an SB one, but the latter is worn with a vest or cummerbund.
The problem with coloring your eyebrows would be your original color returning/roots showing. You would have to keep using the dye every time even a bit of black returns, because roots would look worse on your eyebrows than they do on your hair. Hence, why most guys and girls don't bother to dye their brows.
It's Express's line of jeans (note that the back stitching is ever so slightly different). 7 For All Mankind now has a different tag that warn people to watch out for imitations. You'll see a bunch of Express jeans come up on eBay promoted as the more expensive stuff. Needless to say, the Express Sevens are inferior.
So would you say that starting an eBay business isn't worthwhile nowadays? I've been thinking about trying it--my local outlets have designer jeans with some cache (AG, Energie and one sweet pair of DDC jeans that unfortunately aren't in my size) for about $27 each. But if any profit's going to be swallowed up in fees, this straight-outta-college-heading-to-grad-school kid probably doesn't have the time or the funds to try it.
People use hair products because they want to look good, however they construe that. Be it to tame flyaways or to sport a bedhead look, it all boils down to looking good. There's inevitably a bit of vanity in the endeavour, but there's nothing wrong with that, just as there's nothing wrong with wearing the clothes one likes (within reason). Guys have been using hair products for a long time; look at all those gents in the thirties with slicked back hair, for example. So...
Quote: Only if your excessive drinking involves Schlitz beer or beer of a similarly cheap vintage.  If it involves Grey Goose martinis, add another five points. Unless you're a refugee from Williamsburg, in which case add another 10 points.
It's the British name for Tylenol/acetomenophen.
The Regis look comes to mind.
While we're talking about eBay shoe finds ... Since it'd be completely fiscally irresponsible for me to spend even this much right now on a pair of shoes (though they'd be so worth it.), here's a pair of fabled Lobb Perriers. Happy New Year's to all, and good luck to any bidders. Edit: I'm not affiliated in any way with the seller.
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