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Wow. I thought I had issues ... I have about 16 or 17 pairs, of which I wear two regularly now (RRL, RB2), several semi-regularly (couple of GTOs, Hemingway, TAT, ICN, SLM, Uniqlo one-wash) and others that get pulled out to break the monotony. On the other hand, my dad has two or three pairs, one he's had for more than a decade.
What'd you fucking say?
Funnily enough, my Sony Ericsson T610 fits just dandily in Wrangler-style coin pockets, especially the GTO's. If only I could find a raw/rinsed version of that godly jean ...
AFAIK, Rag and Bone makes only rinsed and washed, not raw, jeans.
Thanks for the features roundup, Brian. My RB2 trouser jeans (not selvage), which are my current favorite jeans, are slightly different: black inner waistband and hanging loops no braces buttons no fancy logo'd rivets no "handmade in North Carolina" waistband tag. It does say "made in USA" on the washing directions label inside And the slanted buttonholes in the fly do a pretty good job of keeping the buttons in place. Quick question though: how many R&B jeans have...
The MPH is a men's jean, bootcut in the Filter wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJMan Whoa... Manton a Smiths fan? It's kinda freaking me out. In a good way.
If only I weren't broke ... they're a lot sleeker and, frankly, more beautiful than the similarly styled Crockett-made boot I've been eyeing at Polo.
Like these?
My bad. I think the 11 or 12 is.
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