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Yoox is showing Helmut Lang jeans in both grey and brown.
Finally caved in and bought one. The shave's pretty much what I get with a Mach 3 Turbo: very close. Plus: It's cheaper than the Mach 3 by about a dollar or so Minus: It's bulkier--perhaps it's more ergonomic, but it's not as comfortable to hold Maybe I'm just a brand whore, or have far too much sentimental value to a freakin' razor, but I'll stick to the Mach 3. At least the Quattro's not a bad backup.
I'm not sure what everyone's talking about when they mention the 'spiky' belts girls everywhere are wearing. Anyone have a pic? Maybe it's because I'm an unreconstructed boor or never shed adolescence (hey, I graduated college only in May.), but I've got few problems with short-shorts with lettering on the back. I'll concede that it's annoyingly inappropriate if the girl is nowhere near a gym. As I've written elsewhere, I'm tired of the whole Juicy Couture phenomenon. It...
Briefly flipped through the Johnny Knoxville GQ, and I have to say the magazine has an energy now it hasn't had since I started reading it (off and on over the past two years). The fashion is more up to date, and the layout is crisper and more dynamic. The writing is pretty good too. However, I don't think the old GQ was anything particularly worth mourning. Again, I haven't read the magazine that often, but its writing wasn't worth writing home about (and only started to...
Tried on some different jeans today. Blue Cult's denim is pretty soft, but the wash and the cut didn't exactly grab me. Quite honestly, I couldn't tell what makes Varvatos jeans worth the price tag: the denim's nice and fairly soft selvage, but at the least the cut's not for me. Adriano Goldschmeid jeans are fairly nondescript. They didn't have any Joe's Jeans in my size. Ended up getting a pair of PDC GTO jeans in the one-year wash. They're a bit slimmer than I usually...
A little late to the topic, but I'm in the market for a new pair of jeans. So far I've favored a somewhat relaxed but not baggy fit--my most-worn jeans are PDC's Icon and Seven's relaxed. Seven's bootcut jeans are a bit too snug for my liking, to say nothing of Helmut Lang. While breezing through the Atlanta Saks, I saw Blue Cult jeans, but didn't have a chance to try 'em on. Other than Diesel Kratt jeans, are there other brands I should be considering?
I've actually been in Atlanta a while (for school), but didn't really need either service as an undergrad. But now that I've just joined the working world (law firm) and am building a new wardrobe, I'm finding both to be increasing necessities. The former's especially important since I've scored a couple of good deals on eBay that need the right finishing touch. Anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks.
Quote: Tradition dictates the Windsor should be with a spread collar but I tried it with a cutaway collar, and it looked quite good. I suppose rules were meant to be broken. I thought a) cutaway collars were a(n admittedly extreme, in the literal sense) variation on the spread collar, and b) that Windsor knots were the only knot that looked good with them. At least, I can't imagine a cutaway with anything less: a four-in-hand would look overwhelmed...
Question. Emporio is made by Vestimenta, Collezioni by Gruppo. People say the Collezioni stuff is inferior to Classico/Black Label, largely because the former is designed and made by Gruppo, wheras the latter is designed by Armani himself and made by Vestimenta, which I presume is a higher quality factory. Would this logic then carry over to Emporio, which is also designed by Armani and made by Vestimenta? I know it's youth-oriented, but I wasn't sure. Thanks.
Quote: A friend of mine had Brioni make him a suit in a fabric they call Escoral or something like that Just curious: do you mean Escorial? That, along with vicuna, is the creme de la creme of fabrics today, and the (few) garments I've seen made from it run well into the stratosphere. They really are some of the softest, most lustrous clothes I've ever felt, though. Here's some info on Escorial: http://www.thelink.ws/features/mar01/escorial.htm
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