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People use hair products because they want to look good, however they construe that. Be it to tame flyaways or to sport a bedhead look, it all boils down to looking good. There's inevitably a bit of vanity in the endeavour, but there's nothing wrong with that, just as there's nothing wrong with wearing the clothes one likes (within reason). Guys have been using hair products for a long time; look at all those gents in the thirties with slicked back hair, for example. So...
Quote: Only if your excessive drinking involves Schlitz beer or beer of a similarly cheap vintage.  If it involves Grey Goose martinis, add another five points. Unless you're a refugee from Williamsburg, in which case add another 10 points.
It's the British name for Tylenol/acetomenophen.
The Regis look comes to mind.
While we're talking about eBay shoe finds ... Since it'd be completely fiscally irresponsible for me to spend even this much right now on a pair of shoes (though they'd be so worth it.), here's a pair of fabled Lobb Perriers. Happy New Year's to all, and good luck to any bidders. Edit: I'm not affiliated in any way with the seller.
Most of the time, I'll gravitate towards natural-shoulder suits/jackets, since my shoulders are pretty well-defined. However, I like Brioni's shoulder pads because they're pitched yet cut right at the shoulder, which adds a bit of height to my frame. Moreover, the pads used are pretty light (as are those used by those masters, the Neapolitans). Basically, the Brioni's a nice change of pace, and still exceedingly elegant. My problem with shoulder pads is with the heavier...
Either a size S or XS (I'm about a 39 inch chest with fairly broad shoulders and a 32 inch waist). I feel like I'm swimming in the size S Harrison, so if there's any way to tighten it up a bit, I'd welcome it. BTW, this is the sweater in question.
I just bought the Harrison sweater. The cashmere quality is quite good--it feels soft and rich, and better than the only other cashmere sweater I have (a Polo blue label). The only problem is that it's cut really generously, which is a disappointment because I've wanted a cashmere zip mock cardigan for some time. If I could find the Paper Denim version, I'd snap it up in an instant. Question: is it possible for a seamstress to take in a knit sweater and make it slimmer...
I actually learned how to shave with a Sensor Excel. Problem was, the darn thing kept giving me razor burn, which when you're 16 and still prone to acne is not a good thing. After moving to the Mach 3, I haven't had any problems since then (but that could also be because I'm nominally out of puberty). If you're using a gel or cream, try to avoid stuff with anesthetics that promise to soothe the burn. They tend to tighten up your skin and make it harder to get a close,...
Quote: i believe a man's suit should not have any shoulder padding whatsoever. whoever invented those things? and why do people continue to wear them? the neapolitans have my esteem. I like the pitched shoulder on Brioni suits just fine.
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