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But what's it mean when the Skins lost only after losing a touchdown in a controversial call? One can only hope that it doesn't mean the election gets lawyered to death.
Quote: 2) Go completely casual with them. They would look good with a plain cream t-shirt, maybe split at the ankles for a bootcut effect (just like them darn kids) and some sneakers. Ah ... the Dre 3000 look. Personally, I think that's the only way one can wear them without looking like an ass, unless you're sufficiently old and suave enough to pull off smoking a pipe as well.
Quote: I have to ask about Filene's though. I've heard so much hype, and when I finally got to check one out (in Elizabeth, NJ), I found the selection to be total crap: it was even worse than the Marshall's in the mall there. Is all the good stuff concentrated among the big city stores or something? Probably. Most of the suburban Filene's stores (mostly in NJ) I've visited have had pretty poor selections. The ones in Atlanta and in NYC (esp. the Union...
BTW, here are the article's tips on what to look for in bespoke.
Try on the XS. I'm about a 38 chest, and the XS Polo cashmere sweater (a black V-neck, no cabling) I have fits my perfectly. A small would have been too baggy for my taste.
Quote: Just try naming me any ethnic clothing line based on an ethnic heritage other than that of WASP that you would find acceptable to be worn the office, or the museum, or the opera, or even one which have been mentioned in StyleForum. Hamid Karzai and some Saudi princes seem completely comfortable conducting business in their native dress, as do some African dignitaries when they stop by the United Nations. And I'd have no problem if an African...
Quote: our president is granting interviews and telling the so-called reporters what to ask him. Former Marine Capt. Josh Rushing, who was the communications liaison to Al-Jazeera in the documentary 'Control Room', did an interview with NPR Saturday, and one of the things he revealed was that Fox News reporters would ask him what his talking points were and would script the interview around them.
Like people in other threads suggested, try American Apparel. I picked up one of their zip hoodies last week, and it's phenomenal stuff.
I picked up my GTO 1-year jeans about a year ago at the Filene's Basement in Atlanta for about $60. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten any good Paper Denim stock since: a couple of rigid washes and some light-coloured cords. My main goal now is to find a source of discounted jeans here in NYC. The quality level of denim at the new Filene's Basement in Union Square seems to top out at I-Jeans, and I'm searching for replacements for my now-worn GTOs and ICNs.
Go for it. As a matter of fact, I've been looking for a good plaid sportscoat myself; the only one I've found relatively cheaply is a Zara one, and that one's not right to me. My only concern in your case is that the material would look too 'delicate' to be paired with jeans, but I guess the pattern draws attention away from that.
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