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Quote: The Waldorf ( I forget the name of the bar here) The Bull and Bear. A great place. I'm interested in what other people recommend as well. Dive bars to hotel bars, I'll drink at 'em all.
Quote: ... these types of things happen in sports. Soccer riots happen in Europe though not an athlete on crowd attack it's still violent. Then there stories of South Americans getting killed for failing to blocks goals. Baseball pileups are just as violent as the situation in the Pacer- Detroit game. Good point. Listening to pundits lament this as 'the worst incident in sports history' is ridiculous. One punishment against the fans that I've read...
Quote: Then, I think Sevcom will agree with this one, The Varsity in Atlanta, Peach Pie a La Mode with vanilla ice cream will steal your heart away, especially after 2 dogs dressed and an onion ring. I certainly do. In fact, it's almost a necessity after wolfing down anything there. edited for stupid grammar
Quote: And lest us not forget the largest fast food place in the world: The Varsity The Varsity really does a number on your digestive system ... But I agree with all your suggestions. I'd also add Brasserie Le Coze and the Woodfire Grill, which is run by one of Alice Waters' proteges.
Wallace didn't punch out any fans, so far as I know. His six-game suspension seems appropriate. The NBA really let rowdy fans off the hook, however. No, Artest should not have climbed over seats and decked umpteen fans, and neither should O'Neal or Jackson. But some spectators' actions were downright disgusting, and so far David Stern isn't taking any action against them, other than heightened security. The NBA is bleeding fans, true. But courtside ticketholders don't...
Not LA Guy, but my thoughts: 1. The gingham, the deep blue stripe, the blue wide stripe and the white all seem like good choices, esp. for your complexion. The good thing about these shirts is that they're of a thicker, more casual material and slimmer than the played-out speciments you see on every third dude on the street. Also, none of the striped shirts is obnoxiously coloured. 2. I'll try to stop by the store sometime this week and let you know more about the velvet...
Quote: Details is defininetly going after a gay demographic. Was the original version, back in the mid 90s, doing that too? Yes. Then it tried to broaden its demographics, lost readership, was folded, then resurrected a couple of years later. It's sorta returning to its roots, although there's still stuff in there for us straight guys. GQ isn't my go-to mag as of late--I honestly haven't bought a copy in months, and rarely even flip through it on the...
Jill, for a less ... outre Andre, check out Esquire's best dressed men of the year issue. He rocks some snazzy RLPL clothes that on other guys would look fogey-ish. 'sides, he doesn't seem to go for the wild Native American costumes these days; it's more of an especially colourful preppy look. Though even when he was wilder, he looked damn cool.
Clive Owen is the best of the lot, though Hugh Jackman wouldn't be the end of the world (or the franchise).
Quote: Manhattan with Old Overholt Rye. In my opinion, the only way to make a Manhattan is with rye. I love Maker's Mark, but, in a Manhattan it is too sweet. O.O. is just right and slightly peppery. Agreed, though I haven't tried the Old Overholt in a Manhattan yet. I also go for Sidecars (1 part lemon juice, 1 part Cointreau, 2 parts brandy/cognac) and, unfortunately, vodka tonics. Also agree on the Bemelman's suggestion; Ali mixes a mean cocktail.
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