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Wallace didn't punch out any fans, so far as I know. His six-game suspension seems appropriate. The NBA really let rowdy fans off the hook, however. No, Artest should not have climbed over seats and decked umpteen fans, and neither should O'Neal or Jackson. But some spectators' actions were downright disgusting, and so far David Stern isn't taking any action against them, other than heightened security. The NBA is bleeding fans, true. But courtside ticketholders don't...
Not LA Guy, but my thoughts: 1. The gingham, the deep blue stripe, the blue wide stripe and the white all seem like good choices, esp. for your complexion. The good thing about these shirts is that they're of a thicker, more casual material and slimmer than the played-out speciments you see on every third dude on the street. Also, none of the striped shirts is obnoxiously coloured. 2. I'll try to stop by the store sometime this week and let you know more about the velvet...
Quote: Details is defininetly going after a gay demographic. Was the original version, back in the mid 90s, doing that too? Yes. Then it tried to broaden its demographics, lost readership, was folded, then resurrected a couple of years later. It's sorta returning to its roots, although there's still stuff in there for us straight guys. GQ isn't my go-to mag as of late--I honestly haven't bought a copy in months, and rarely even flip through it on the...
Jill, for a less ... outre Andre, check out Esquire's best dressed men of the year issue. He rocks some snazzy RLPL clothes that on other guys would look fogey-ish. 'sides, he doesn't seem to go for the wild Native American costumes these days; it's more of an especially colourful preppy look. Though even when he was wilder, he looked damn cool.
Clive Owen is the best of the lot, though Hugh Jackman wouldn't be the end of the world (or the franchise).
Quote: Manhattan with Old Overholt Rye. In my opinion, the only way to make a Manhattan is with rye. I love Maker's Mark, but, in a Manhattan it is too sweet. O.O. is just right and slightly peppery. Agreed, though I haven't tried the Old Overholt in a Manhattan yet. I also go for Sidecars (1 part lemon juice, 1 part Cointreau, 2 parts brandy/cognac) and, unfortunately, vodka tonics. Also agree on the Bemelman's suggestion; Ali mixes a mean cocktail.
The Earnest Sewn jeans have a little too much distressing for my taste. The Milk 3D Hutch jeans look more overdone than PDC GTO 3-years in their whiskering, and the Maze 3Ds have quite a bit more than GTO 1-years. Don't get me wrong: the quality of the jeans is top-notch, and we're not talking Diesel-type weird distressing. But it's still a little over-the-top. (That said, if they were the right price, I'd still snap up a pair.)
Pinstripe suits? No. Pinstripe sweaters/overcoats? Possibly. Edit: Pinstripes in garish shades of lime green, bright yellow or fuschia are probably well past their shelf life.
Maybe one of the British members can answer this: Why do many, and I mean many, Brits button the bottom suit jacket? Note that this isn't the typically American mistake of buttoning all the jacket buttons; they'll button only the bottom of a 2-button jacket, or the bottom two of a 3-button. It doesn't matter if the jacket's from a suit or a sport coat, or if it's unvented/single-/side-vented. This was really perplexing when I was over there.
Quote: if you are going to go with cuff on no pleat pants, go 2.5-3 inch cuff. Dude, those are huge. Really, if you're going to wear flat-front pants, keep them uncuffed, and get your tailor to sew a strip of canvas at the bottom (on the inside, naturally) to add some weight. If you really must put cuffs on them, and this should be only if they're not slim, then get normal-sized cuffs.
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